Guatemalans Going to Canada - Potential Abuse?

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Picture from Prensa Libre

I've got two Canadian posts coming at you this Sunday afternoon it looks like. 

I just read in Guatemala's paper of record, Prensa Libre, that the International Organization for Migration has partnered up with the Guatemalan Ministry of Labor to send Guatemalans to Canada as temporary workers.  Over 3,000 agricultural workers are participating in the program, now, according to the article.

The tone of the article is what struck me the most.  It's titled "Immigration, without risks" and starts off with the lead:
Five years ago the Program for Temporary Agricultural Workers in Canada was started, through which workers in the field that benefit from the program have bettered their quality of life and obtained stable work without the risk of being deported.
Marcela Fernandez - Prensa Libre (1 June 2008)
The article goes on to say that Guatemalan migrants in the program get a salary between US$8.52 and US$10, the same benefits as a native Canadian worker, and medical insurance.  Sounds like am much better deal than Guatemalan Pineros get, or of course than living in absolute fear in the U.S. like most migrants do.

The article is definitely written from the conservative pro-business bent of Prensa Libre and only mentions at the end of the article that a lot of these guest workers are extorted when they return to their communities in Guatemala, that there have been cases of fraud, and the International Organization for Migration recruits people secretively.  It sounds like there is tremendous potential for abuse as has been the systemic case with most guest workers programs

In fact, I encourage people to send inquiries to the International Organization for Migration, asking how they prevent abuse with this specific program.  Contact Niurka Pineiro, their regional information officer, at or call her at 202-862-1826. 

The tone of the article, though, I liked.  If the U.S. is treating Guatemalans badly, they should go to Canada.

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kyledeb said:

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I agree totally with this post, all them big countries use the people from small countries, and now they don`t seem to know the small countries when they are in need.

thesis Author Profile Page said:

If the countries like Canada gives an opportunity to live better for people from not so prosperous countries, so where is a problem? If it not a trick it is good chance to change the life.

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