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VIDEO: Death by Detention has been posted here, but I want to make sure everybody has taken a moment to watch it. This is a link to Standing FIRM which is the blog for The Fair Immigration Reform Movement. Rachelfirm does a great job keeping this blog fresh and the group does a great job working for positive immigration reform. Please take a moment to check out their main site. (linked in name.)

At Wild Chihuahuas read how the eight stages of genocide can be found happening right here in the United States in the post Degrees of Separation.

There's certainly a difference between what’s going on all across America right now and full-scale genocide. But it's a difference of actualization, not of potential. All the elements are in place, including the street thugs and way too many complicit police.
If you understand that most anti-migrant groups are for white preservation then it really shows how this is not at all a far fetched idea. I've heard anti-migrants calling for a new civil war and even joyfully exclaiming that their grandmothers have guns "locked and loaded."

Texas GOP Show Their True “Color” at State Convention at Para Justicia y Libertad. Read about the “If Obama is elected President . . . will we still call it The White House?” button along with other insulting buttons sold by one vendor at the Texas Republican GOP convention. I checked the website and saw there's one where Obama asks "If I drive her home can I be Vice President?"

Hatred towards immigrants is not just in the U.S. at Dream Act Texas on the fear of Muslims around the globe.

The avoidance is everywhere. Obama's campaign wants to make sure no women with head scarfs turn up in the video of his speeches. A major advertising company changes a photo shoot because the pattern on the model's scarf looks like the one Yasser Arafat used.

What Happens When One of the Pretty People Get Caught Up in the Immigration Raid-Detention Center Debacle? at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

I'm glad to see the above article as I had meant to write about New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner's attempt to get more visas for models. While so many are suffering from a broken system this congressman feels it's more important to make sure models can get in with no problem. (Bachelor congressman wants special visa for models) Of course beauty there is immense beauty in the migrants we fight for here, but it's hard to show that when so many choose to vilify and ignore their plight.

Since The Latin Americanist gave us the Colbert video Friday where he interviews Junot Diaz and says he took the Pulitzer from a deserving American it's only fitting we have Immigrant of the Day: Joseph Pulitzer (Hungary) at Immigration Prof Blog. Of course one could argue that the prize should have been named after a more deserving native.

Also at Immigration Prof Blog LA County Jail Focuses on Immigration Screening where we learn that "LA County has received funding to expand screening for removable immigrants." A lawsuit has been filed by an anti-migrant groups against landlords that rent to undocumented migrants in RICO Suit Brought Against Landlords. In a show of compassion the vineyard where Maria Jimenez died from a heatstroke while working has fired her uncle in Uncle of girl who died from heatstroke is fired. We also have Anti-Immigrant Democrats? we learn that Dems are funding enforcement over real solutions. And Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels are all opposing workplace raids in http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/immigration/2008/06/mayors-oppose-i.htmlMayors Oppose Immigration Raids.

Watch "Immigration: An Instructional Film" at Pro Inmigrant. Also read The Fugitives, The Undesirables, The Criminals, the Unwanted, The Offenders and The undesirables in PLAINFIELD, New Jersey.

At Working Immigrants read 4 in 10 green card holders had a prior illegal period of stay.

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