DREAM Act: From Empathy to Solidarity

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Americans for Informed Democracy is holding a video contest, and among them is one of the most powerful DREAM Act video that I've seen.  I love it because it's the first DREAM Act videos that I've seen.  It connects the need to empathize with undocumented youth, with our privileges as U.S. citizens and the need to stand in solidarity with them.

Some of the gems from the video:
(3:00) I left my family when I was 16 years old. I left my country in pursuit of the American Dream. I thought I was coming to the land of the free, but instead, I became enslaved. I found discrimination, rejection.


(8:00) From an "F" to an "NN" to a fake "SS" to an "X" on the convicted space, we become the shadows of the letters that haunt our lives. If I only had that number. If I only had that number. If only had the numbers to stand up and be counted. To let everyone know that what my people reap is not what my people sow. [That] getting an education is just creating a better nation.

Let us be counted as who we are. Let us be counted as what we bring. Let us be counted as our character and not our immigration status. Let us be counted as students because it is our right. Let us be counted as one. Let our voice be heard, so that we can break free from the jails of our dreams and we can act. Don't just let us dream. Let us act.
El Puente DREAM Act Campaign - Obstructed DREAM

Be sure to go to Americans for Informed Democracy and vote for your favorite video.

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