Dobbs for Governor Slogan: Our Only Lanaguage is English

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There were rumors late this week about nativist Lou Dobbs possibly considering running for governor in New Jersey.  Though the rumors were recently shot down, our friends at America's Voice still decided to go ahead with publishing a mock campaign website for Dobbs asks for people to submit their slogan ideas and try for a free t-shirt.  I thought I'd borrow from the self avowed Minutemen supporter in this picture, and submit, "This is America and our only Lanaguage is English" (sombrero tip to Duke over at The Sanctuary who I got this picture from).  I encourage others to give it a shot, too.

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duke1676 said:

Left my slogan suggestion

"Lou Dobbs: For those times when the truth just isn't that important"

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

I like it. We'll see who get's the t-shirt.

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