Deporting a Boy Scout

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Picture from the Loudon Times (sombrero tip to Anti-BVBL)

13-year-old Jose Andrade, from El Salvador, doesn't understand why he can't be with his mother in the United States.  He says children should get to stay with their parents.  It's not going to happen, according to the Loudon Times.  This 13-year-old boy scout is getting deported.

The truth is most U.S. citizens probably don't understand that, "U.S. immigration law prohibits children not born in the United States from living here unless their parents are U.S. citizens".  But such is the nature of a complicated and broken U.S. immigration system that migrants are frequently the victims of.  It's also another of the many cases in which the legal/illegal dichotomy that nativists love so much is blown out of the water.
Andrade's mother is a legal migrant.  For everyone that says they welcome legal migrants, but oppose all illegal migrants, remember Mirna Andrade, and how as a legal migrant she can't have her son with her in the U.S.  That doesn't sound very welcoming to me.

Jose Andrade really sounds like a law-breaker to me:

His teachers describe him as a pleasure to have in class, a hard-working student with a positive attitude who takes pride in his work, although on occasion he can be a class clown.

His Boy Scout troop leader calls Jose the most dedicated 13-year-old Scout in the troop.

And when he grows up, he says he wants to be a policeman -- mostly because of the cool uniform, but also to help protect people.

Holly Hobbs - Loudon Times (11 June 2008)

I mean really?  Deporting boy scouts now?  Is this the United States of America that people want to live in?  I guess U.S. citizens shouldn't tolerate "class clowns". 

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