C&L Highlights Max and the Marginalized

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It's good to see Max and the Marginalized getting some more exposure for their song on Lou Dobbs, "Weeknights at Six".  Crooks and Liars just embedded their new video in an open thread.  Max and the Marginalized let me do a Lou Dobbs video with their song earlier on in December.

C&L has been giving some good pro-migrant link love lately.  Keep it coming and check out the video below:

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Max said:

Thanks Kyle!
Couldn't find your email address, I wanted to send you this clip - glad you found it! Hope all is well =)

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

No problem, Max. Keep up the good work. If you're lucky Dobbs might invite you onto his show, as he is so fond of doing with those that challenge him. Don't know if that will help our cause since he always just filibusters and most people watching are probably unreachable anyway. If you ever forget my email, don't be afraid to use the contact form on the front page of Citizen Orange. Hope to see more good stuff from you.

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