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Minutes after word broke about a Nickelodeon TV special on children affected by Immigration raids, messages like "What part of illegal don't you understand!?!" and "Deport them all!" bombarded Web sites and blogs.

Then, in an increasingly common reaction, bloggers from "pro-migrant" sites such as Citizen Orange and The Unapologetic Mexican countered by ridiculing the show's critics.
Antonio Olivo - Chicago Tribune (4 June 2008)
From then on, the article is all down hill.  It makes the pro-migrant sanctuarysphere sound defeated.  It makes William Gheen sound like the commander of a million person army, while we struggle with our last dieing breaths.  If people like Gheen really are winning, why do anti-migrant politicians keep losing elections?  Why is it that my blogroll has so many pro-migrant blogs?  Why is it that Citizen Orange comes out near the top of a google search of "attrition through enforcement"?  We're starting to take the web back from nativists like Gheen, and this article doesn't do our fight justice.

The Sanctuary has been mentioned before, but if you're coming here via the Chicago Tribune article, please check out this pro-migrant space made up of some of the best voices on the net.  The Sanctuary will be a spot free from a lot of the noise an misinformation spread by folks like Gheen at ALIPAC.

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SJ Reidhead said:

I know how you feel. On the other hand, we may be getting good news from another conservative media source in the near future. People are slowly seeing the truth.

I have a theory about our precious little friends like William Gheen. They are fighting for their "lives", literally. John McCain is the worst thing that could happen to them. The other night in The Corner at National Review, Mark Kirkorian criticized President Bush for attending his usual church, (Episcopal, like me). The problem - the church is being renovated so the congregation is meeting near the national office of - please just deal with it - La Raza!

I'm serious. He criticized the President for attending his usual church service, at a site near the La Raza offices.

These people are losing it. My advise, sit back and enjoy the show. After I say this, I'll probably end up screaming at the computer screen tomorrow.

Why do you think the Dems keep beating my GOP in all these special House races? Anything hard line immigration is a looser. I'm crossing my fingers this evening as I watch the 2nd District NM primary numbers, hoping we are going to have a reasonable position on immigration. It looks like the really hard-line guy, endorsed by Sheriff Joe himself, has lost. If he'd won, I'd be voting for a Dem this November.

The Pink Flamingo

P. S. The work you did this past weekend on the hospital based illegal deportations was excellent!

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks SJ Reidhead,

It's always comforting to know that there are pro-migrant Republicans like yourself that see bashing migrants is not the way, and that there are other strong voices like yours in the blogosphere and even on talk radio with Michael Medved.

montanaPatriot said:

Minute Men has virtually collapsed. Gheen and his posse were the culprit along with Roy Beck's to hog the telephone lines last year to scare the senators of the dire consequences of being elected out of office if they voted for last year's version of CIR (which was a good thing, because it had too many restrictions, than the 2006 version...)

Your point is 200% right: "If people like Gheen really are winning, why do anti-migrant politicians keep losing elections? " This is a fact. Tancredo, Hunter, Romney, everyone who took this severe anti-immigrant stance were thoroughly handed there rear ends by their own party. It's only the people on the fringe (the extremists, the right wing nut balls) voted for Tancredos and Hunters and they garnered 1% and 2% of the Republican votes. This 1% - 2% constitute the anti-immigrant groups. Gheens and Becks have fooled this unfortunate group to joint their racists clubs and conned them to donate money. I could go on and on but as you've said... sit back and watch them IMPLODE!

Yeah, I was pretty excited this morning when I first started reading the Chicago Tribune article. It's great to get press, but seriously, the writer can rest assure that the pro-immigrant side is alive and well!

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks Lisa!

We'll win this fight. Justice is on our side and you can't stand in the way of justice for too long.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for the support montanaPatriot!

I continue to ask that over and over again, but they don't have an answer to their electoral losses. Unfortunately it means we're going to have to continue to fight pockets of them at the local level, but nationally, they're just a bunch of loud-mouths.

Michael said:

Hi Kyledeb,

I want to congratulate and encourage you to continue this fight against ignorance in America.
Sooner rather than later the road it will change towards the people who do not have a voice neither vote and a need of change for an American Dream.

We need to continue this fight for the Humane, dignity and respect for all human beings regardless origin, citizenship, or race.

Take care and God bless you.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thank you Michael,

I really appreciate the compliment and the support. It's always welcome.

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