What Part of WORKER Don't You Understand?

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Frank Sharry, Executive Director of the newly formed U.S. pro-migrant communications war room, America's Voice, has laid out what looks to be Sharry's new strategy for victory in a post on Alternet.  Let's see if we can come up with catchy phrases, a la nativist, that describe the new strategy.
  • [1.] First and foremost, the movement needs an unprecedented citizenship promotion and voter mobilization drive...
  • [2.] The old comprehensive immigration reform strategy embraced a significant increase in temporary worker visas for the “future flow” of needed workers. This element of comprehensive reform divided progressives. Especially as we enter and weather an economic downturn, a new strategy needs to consider a more limited set of “future flow” worker visas that extend permanent status rather than temporary status to new workers, with perhaps limited but reformed temporary worker programs (with more robust labor protections incorporated) targeted at agriculture and other seasonal industries.
  • [3.] In addition, our understanding of what constitutes the workplace enforcement component of immigration reform needs to expand beyond the drive to create a workable worker verification system. We need to include enhanced labor protections and aggressive enforcement of labor standards for all low-wage workers.
  • [4.] Finally, we are going to need a more aggressive and assertive communications and grassroots strategy to define and drive the debate going forward.
Frank Sharry - Alternet (27 May 2008)

If you can come up with any phrases, put them in the comments below.  I like the new emphasis on the protection of all low-wage workers.  You'll certainly see me countering calls of, "What part of ILLEGAL don't you understand?" with, "What part of WORKER don't you understand?"

I'll save real analysis on this for when things develop, but I gotta say already the way temporary worker visas was slipped in there is conspicuous.  That's going to be a tough one to slip by the anti-corporate progressives. 

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