Racists On The Right: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Racist Limbaugh Calls Mayor Villaraigosa a "Shoe Shine Boy!" at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

LATINO MEDIA RULES at Nuestra Voice.

I say this so that you can understand that my reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s comment that he mistook Mayor Villaraigosa as a “shoeshine guy” is not a knee-jerk reaction based on partisanship. It is a reaction as an American of Latino decent that quite frankly is tired of the media’s Latino rules.

Looking for DREAMERS in Frederick County, Maryland

A Frederick County, Maryland, commissioner wants the school board to survey the number of illegal immigrants who are students and has proposed withholding school funding if members fail to agree.
Also read The masked men have returned with rifles, but this time they are bad guys and Mis-spelling dampens argument for English as official U.S. language which shows a demonstrator demanding English only while not being able to spell in English. I saw the same thing at the ProAmerica rally in Morristown, NJ last year.

Are Lawmakers Incapable of Looking at the Long Run? at DMI Blog. As workers vanish so does America's productivity. Doesn't sound like a win win to me.

Watch DREAMers of the world unite? at I am a DREAMer.

66 Deaths in Immigrant Prisons Signal Need to Shut Down ICE at Of América.

Movie Review: Bordertown at Latino Politico. I thought it was a powerful movie as well. Make sure and see it if you haven't.

The President and Presidential Contenders Issue Statements about Cinco de Mayo: Who's really in touch with the Latino community? at Latina Lista.

It's not a big mystery as to why Mexicans comprise the largest part of the U.S. Latino population — proximity to Mexico and the long history of cross-cultural dependence. As most Mexican-Americans like to say: "I didn't cross the border. The border crossed me."

News from Global Workers Justice Alliance at Working Immigrants. "Global Workers is proud to announce the formal launch of the Global Workers Defender Network."

AZ Guestworker Bills: Update at Wild Chihuahuas.

According to Truthout, Arizona lawmakers are now considering weakening laws designed to protect teen workers as a way to address the growing agricultural worker shortage. According to me and others who know way more than I do, the growing ag worker shortage is the result of actions of the same legislature to sanction employers who hire undocumented workers.

Immigration around the globe: Ireland. Bill for asylum seekers to hit 300 thousands at Pro Inmigrant. Also read on Thailand, Indonesia, Napal, U.K. and Fiji.

Salvadorans in Brentwood aren't all day laborers and gang bangers? Long Island Wins.

Fake documents freely available on Houston streets at Mexico Trucker.

Illegal immigrants fearful of being caught in stepped-up workplace raids are fueling a growing market in Houston for phony immigration and work documents.

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