Protesting the Postville Raids: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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400 protest Postville Raid at Dream Act Texas. Also read What U.S. would lose if we sent everyone away.

ICE’s AgriProcessors Cattle Call at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Recounting of the terrifying event that took place at AgriProcessors, Humberto Nava told Michael Barnes of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, federal agents were not shy at subjecting AgriProcessors’ workers to a barrage of racial epithets.

Migrants Beaten, Burned and Killed in S. Africa - Of América. "S. African mobs armed with machetes, sticks and other weapons beat, burned and killed Zimbabwean migrants in areas in and around Johannesburg." - Sadly if you listen to many anti-migrant groups you'd think they're ready to do the same in this country. Truly sickening.

Building the Border Fence on Native American Land at DMI blog. Also Mayor Jim Newberry of Lexington, KY Sits Down with MayorTV: “The presidential candidates should shoot straight. Cities are the key.”

How the Anti Immigrant sentiment grew before and after the Immigration debate ended up in wrong hands at Pro Inmigrant.

Right-wing anti-immigration groups have placed the 1965 Immigration Act at the center of a campaign to promote anti-immigrant sentiment in the 1980s and 1990s. In the 1965 Act, Congress repudiated the infamous 1952 McCarran-Walter Act, which followed 1920s-era legislation in parceling out immigrants' visas based on country of origin.

Who is more ‘undesirable ?’ The ‘illegal alien’ or homosexual ? at I am a DREAMer.

New Immigration Studies / Economic Impacts of Mass Deportations at Immigration Prof blog.

ICE plans more family immigration jails at Just News.

e-verify and discrimination and e-verify: Overwhelming, Inaccurate, Discriminatory at Long Island Wins blog. "Steve Levy wants to make e-verify mandatory in Suffolk County. But there is a growing outcry nationally against it being used at all."

U.S. Family Values : Immigrant Children Beaten in Detention at Vivir Latina.

Second generation immigrants doing well – study in New York City at Working Immigrants. Also how illegal farm workers from Mexico get healthcare.

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