Introspection And Fairness: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Hutto Rally: An Introspection at Para Justicia y Libertad. This is a great post. Here is a short quote:

Occasionally, we are caught up in our own little blogging world that suddenly one feels they are shouting in an empty chasm. With so many battles going it, it is not far fetched that one may feel they are alone in the struggle. Nevertheless, these small gatherings can actually help clear the mental fog by helping a person find the light at the end of the tunnel by becoming more enlightened to the best and worst that humanity has to offer. Personally, it tends to renew my own commitment to be more conscious human being.

RNC Crony ´Agriprocessors´ Still in Business. Owners Unpunished! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Read Who is (un)FAIR? at Standing FIRM where the Center For New Community examines the connection between FAIR and white supremacist groups. Also read the State Legislation Round-up.

South Carolina: First to Bar Undocumented Students at A Dream Deferred.

In STRATEGERY at Greg Siskind's Blog the Wall Street Journal analyzes Senator Bob Mendez's reason for blocking an AgJobs bill. And here's a little humor.

At Immigrants in the USA read Breaking the language barrier where we find a celebration of diversity through language and a story of perseverance and dedication in Nearly Deaf Professor Teaches English Literacy, One Student at a Time. This professor teaches English to immigrants and is an example of how we should all help one another.

At Immigration Prof Blog read Death of a Farmworker - the sad story of a 17-year-old undocumented migrant farm worker. Also read Immigrants, Due Process, and the "Right" to Counsel (at no expense to the government).

Border Stories: a mosaic documentary at Just News. "Border Stories is re-imagining the documentary, one with no beginning, middle, or end. Its only linear aspect is the border itself."

The voices of Danbury residents speaking up about the Unjustice of city ordinance against Undocumented Immigrants at Pro Inmigrant.

More Information on ICE's New Family Detention Centers at T. Don Hutto Blog.

At Latin Americanist check out the post Bloggers of the world unite for a note on other blogs related to Latin America.

Gasoline Rising is the latest video from The Unapologetic Mexican.

Barack Obama Gets Latino Fever and Latinos Get Obama Fever at Vivir Latino.

Oklahoma, No Way! at Wild Chihuahuas.

The Republican-dominated Oklahoma legislature is defining the frontier of xenophobic immigration laws, anti-Muslim bigotry, gay bashing and encouragement of gun-toting students – with Democratic legislators often too timid to resist.

One of out six workers is an immigrant at Working Immigrants. Also read A conservative's endorsement of liberal immigration policy and Incremental immigration reforms held up by Hispanic caucus.

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