Injustices In Postville: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Silent Raids in Kentucky! at Standing FIRM. "While the country had our eyes glued to Postville, Iowa, smaller raids are occuring everyday in the US." Also read First-hand Account of Injustice in Postville and learn of the injustices against migrants in that raid.

Goof-up - Arkansas Governor on Instate-Tuition for Undocumented Students at A Dream Deferred.  I had stated incorrectly that Beebe was defending DREAMers.  Apparently it's just the opposite.

The things we say about you at Immigration Equality. For those DREAMers and migrants that read this blog go to Immigration Equality and let them know how you feel about the things they say about you.

Congratulations are in order for Immigration Talk With A Mexican American in Thank You, Blog Viewers, for making my Blog so Popular!! Also read ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: How ANTIs Totally Misunderstand and Misrepresent the PRO Perspective.

Amnesty International Investigating Detentions at Immigration Prof Blog.

Amnesty International USA is currently conducting research in the United States for a report that will investigate and document the increased use and consequences of immigration detention.

Also at Immigration Prof Blog Frank Sharry on Immigration Reform. "Frank Sharry, formerly of the National Immigration Forum, and now of America's Voice, offers this view of immigration reform." And Republicans on Immigration: McCain on Immigration and Ron Paul on Immigration.

Multimillionaire Helps Undocumented Workers Post Bail at Just News.

McCain's Memorial Day "Hispanic ad" delivers mixed message and Breaking News: Dallas Federal Judge rules against Farmers Branch ban on renting to undocumented immigrants.

SPEAK out - Immigration Control - Emerging Police State.

The progressive media is finally paying more attention to the emerging police state in light of immigration crackdowns in Postville, Iowa and the Washington Post report on the (mis)treatment of immigrant detainees. Joshua Holland provides a good summation in his article of the actions carried out by the enforcers of immigration law, actions that were in violation of worker’s constitutional rights and due process of law.
Also Videos - U.S. Immigrant Detention System Under Scrutiny at No Borders no Binaries.

Obama on Latin America: “Small Change”, If Any at Of América.

Watch BUSTED: Exercize your constitutional rights at Pro Inmigrant.

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Well, no the Arkansas Governor wasn't defending their right. He just goofed up by saying that instate tuition for undocumented students was against the 14th Amendment EPC--a legal opinion he wrote as AG in 2005. And the news was all over the Arkansas media that instate-tuition for undocumented students was unconstitutional. I was like huh? so I went over the legal opinion and it turns out he wrote the opposite. And now I am pouring over all the courts decisions about instate tuition -- cases like Day v. Selebius ... each and every case upholds it. The anti-migrant crowd don't stand a chance in courts.

symsess said:

Sorry for the mistake.

I believe it was brought up here as well - in Iowa. It makes no sense to me to deny anyone an affordable education - especially those who actively seek it.

Thanks for the correction.

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