Indian Guest Workers in New Orleans: "We Are Slaves Here"

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I just saw a video on the plight of Indian guest workers working for Signal International in New Orleans.  This just goes to show that we're fighting for more than just rights here.  We're fighting for migrant freedom.

Contact the New Orleans' Workers Center for Racial Justice to find out how you can help.

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CrescentCityRay said:

Signal International is in Pascagoula Mississippi & in Beumont Texas, but Signal International is NOT in New Orleans as stated in this article. Nevertheless, these guest workers have not been treated fairly.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:


That's interesting. Then why does this video claim they were working in New Orleans?

Welcome to Citizen Orange, by the way. I hope to hear from you again.

mathi said:

First of all the Indian workers who came to US were not trafficked, they came here legally on a H2 visa- A temporary visa for unskilled job, unlike the H1 B for skilled. This recruitment was done for the American company by a recruiting agency in India. As the usual practise in India, the agency's only deal is to make money, how much ever they can.They dont care if someone else goes to jail in another country. They lured workers by placing ads in Indian newspapers saying"Workers needed in US , will get Green card", and collected 10,000to 20,000 $ from the people who they got in, to come and work here.
The truth is the H2 visa never leads to a green card(, and it is only upto 3 years.Having gotten here these (many with fake experience papers),as you know any documents(false work experience, passport,what not) are available in the "other world. These people realise they are not getting a green card in three years, and launch a tale of abuse and trafficking.They know about some green cards available for victims of trafficking. There are indeed see the case of the maids in the Sabhnani maid abuse slave case.
WAS THIS TRAFFICKING? Their anger is not directed at the recruiters in India. Of course there is no law in India and nothing can be done against the recuriters . They already pocketed the money and left. So,hunger strike or whatever for what these people want and what they came here for. They will do anything, buy false documents and claim to be US citizens, its all survival.They were caught in Fargo with fake citizenship documents.
BUT, is what they are doing according to the law? So, why dont we just open the borders and proclaim _like in 100 years back,any able bodied man or woman(including thugs and crooks) who can work can come here,THEN WOULDNT 90% OF THE WORLD POPULATION WANT TO COME TO US. We have different rules for people to come in, now. The people who take the short cut and staying illegally are jumping ahead and mocking the millions of people who wait patiently to come to US legally and obey her rules.
How do I know all this, I am of Indian origin myself, from kereala,came as a student took the long route to be a citizen. I come from the same area where these workers are from called Kerala in South India. It is ruled by the communist party of India, It is a workers paradise. The worker(only the men mind you) can pull all kinds of tricks and get a raise or make the owner succumb, otherwise the owner will have to close his business up!Its the same tricks of abuse that they are using here!
As much as I like hard working people , I hate liars and manipulators. Do we really need them? We are not a nation built that way. Its about the future of our country

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