ICE Raids Sweep Elementary Schools: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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BREAKING NEWS! ICE RAIDS SWEEP ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS!! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Immigration raids near schools in Berkeley and Oakland have sent waves of panic in the communities and may keep undocumented students from attending class,

DMI Blog give us Immigration Officials Turn to Schoolyard Bullying.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in California have stooped to a new, almost unbelievable low: intimidating schoolchildren.

Houston Latino History - 1977- 1978 at Dream Act Texas.

"Mr Joe Campos Torres was arrested by six police officers for being disorderly in a bar. They beat him so badly that the jailer refused to accept him and told them to take him to hospital. Instead they dropped him into the Buffalo Bayou "to see if he could swim". His body was found three days later. "

Oregon is Voting, Even as We Speak at The Unapologetic Mexican.

There's something for everyone in this installment: cults, millions of dollars, a town named Antelope, a man with a white beard, and just a splash of domestic terrorism.

Retail Rant at The Fem Team.

The use of "illegal immigrant" in Idaho rapist story creates false connection at Latina Lista.

Patriots Border Alliance Accused of Lies and Neo-Nazi Ties at Hatewatch Blog.

Congress Must Act to Stop Deaths in Immigrant Detention at NIJC Blog.

and so it begins at Immigration Equality.

Same-sex binational couples from around the country and Immigration Equality’s staff are here in DC getting ready for our first day of meetings with Members of Congress.

Lovato on ICE Enforcement in the South: Juan Crow at Immigration Prof Blog. Also read Inefficiency of No-Match Program.

Anti-Immigrant Legislation: IR 1105 restraining order is vacated. Vote likely Tuesday at Long Island Wins Blog. Visit the main page for posts on this bill and please do what you can to appose it.

Los Angeles: The Regional Impacts and Opportunities of Migration at People Migrate.

The field hearing will focus on the regional impacts and contributions of migration, as well as best practices for social, civic, and economic integration of migrant communities. Los Angeles will be examined as a case study within the international context of global migration.

McCain Wants Immigrants Treated Humanely at Pro Inmigrant.

On the subject of broader immigration policies, McCain said local governments would not have to take on immigration problems had the federal government overhauled the country's immigration policies

"Monsanto's Harvest of Fear" at Wild Chihuahuas.

This Just Makes No Kind of Sense : Catching the Undocumented Leaving the U.S.? at Vivir Latino.

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