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DeWeese letter to Beck: "Just Say NO to SAVE Act!" (Even the ANTIs Agree!) at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

An open letter from famous ANTI Leader Tom DeWeese (American Policy Center) to famous ANTI Leader Roy Beck (Numbers USA) advocates "Just Say NO to the SAVE Act!" As I have shared, and as DeWeese explains, we ALL lose our Civil Liberties if this heinous Act is passed.

Watch The Immigration Detention Gold Mine at A Dream Deferred.

PBS has now done a series on “Immigrant Detainees- A New Profit Center?” giving us a look into how the private corrections industry is profiting from immigrants held in detention facilities.

Texas History: A Story from 1844 at Dream Act Texas. Also read Underground Youth Movement.

An organization of 20 undocumented youth have devoted themselves to demonstrating humanity for undocumented immigrants, whose country was once chosen for them and one they choose for themselves today.

Mass Deportation: Lessons from the Past at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Advocates for “enforcement only” would like nothing better than to see a future in which most of the 12 million undocumented immigrants in the US be removed, either through coercive means or voluntarily. This, however, is not the first time that fear has triggered the adoption of tough immigration policies.

Treatment of Immigrant Detainees Contradicts American Values at DMI Blog.

Immigrant Detainees Killed by Neglect and by Juan Crow at Of América.

The Immigratio and Border Conference Dialogues Conference - May 15th - 18th in Olympia, Washington at Eristic Ragemail.

The Immigration and Border Dialogues Conference is organized by Bridges Not Walls, a group of concerned community members from the South Sound area and beyond who have united in solidarity, and are building a human rights movement in order to realize a sustainable future for all.

Tuesday: Come speak out against IR-1105 at Long Island Wins Blog.

Undocumented Students are Allowed to Attend College at Generation 1.5.


More than 300 deteained in Iowa raid at the National Immigrant Justice Center blog.

City Of Frederick Plays Host To Pangaea Festival at Immigrants in the USA blog. Diversity is a beautiful thing as is learning about and experiencing other cultures.

The punishment is out of proportion with the offense at Liberty Together.

Rebate Excludes Many Taxpayers With Foreign Spouses at Nuestra Voice.

Lobby Week Update at Immigration Equality Blog.

Irena Sendler Dies at The Unapologetic Mexican. Read about a true hero.

McCain courts the Latino vote, while the Clintons prove that they don’t know when to stop at Latino Politics Blog.

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