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We all know that migrants suffer in detention centers, but it doesn't often make the news. Finally the New York Times has written about this travesty. Read People dying while in ICE custody and Immigration Agency's List of Deaths in Custody at Dream Act Texas.

Eristic Ragemail also covers this topic in Deaths of Immigrants in Federal Custody Shrouded in Secrecy.

Immigration Prof Blog wrote of a blog titled ICE Raid Report. Also Sharpton Critical of Deportation Tactics.

Aldo Latino Trail of Tears: 66 Died in Heinous Family Detention Centers! (for a CIVIL Violation!) at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Once Again, Buchanan Cites Racist Sources at Hatewatch.

Arizona considers law to bring back undocumented immigrants to work at Latina Lista.

Nicola from Standing FIRM, a blog for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, interviewed people around the DC area participating in the May 1st rally. Listen to people who are truly trying to bring people together through positive interaction. Here's the blog post with a link to the interviews.

The Undocumented American Dream - American Prospect Article at I am a DREAMer.

A new anthology of autobiographical stories written by undocumented immigrant college students serves as a reminder that we’re neglecting some of the country’s best and brightest.

Ay Caramba! The I Hate Cinco de Mayo Stereotypes Post! at Vivir Latino.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! from The Unapologetic Mexican.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! from Para Justicia y Libertad.

The Battle of Puebla and Cinco de Mayo at Dos Centavos.

The Long March from Cinco de Mayo to Cinco de Pentagon at Of América.

Ubiquitous at the hundreds of Cinco de Mayo street fairs in towns and cities throughout the country are military recruiters armed with trinkets, video games, loud music and hyper-hip Hummers that draw even more children and families than the colorful (and urine-smelling) playpens McDonald’s still deploys in its Latino outreach efforts.

Cinco de Mayo 2008 at Mexico Trucker.

May Day marches not as big this year, but the immigration debate continues in the daily discourse at Latino Politics Blog.

Remittances to Latin America are flat or down at Working Immigrants. Tougher working conditions mean there's less to send.

Republiconomics and Life in the Reality-Based World at Wild Chihuahuas.

Five men likely to be deported because they were fishing without a license at Pro Inmigrant. "Racial profiling to Latinos will continue until the Federal Government reacted to pass a Humane comprehensive Immigration reform."

While I was in San Francisco [UPDATE]at People Migrate.

Churches and faith groups are considering how they can prepare to care for citizen children who may be left unattended because of the raids and accompanying people to court hearings as a witness to behavior of law enforcement.

A Heart-Warming Gesture and Immigration 101 Deportations at Long Island Wins. "The Immigration 101 series tracks my course at Hofstra Law School."

Deportation detention dollars and Lawsuits raise questions about private prisons at Just News.

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DREAMActivist said:

I am so glad thanks to FOIA we know have a more definite account of deaths in detention. Go NY times!

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