Border Agents Fall To Tempation: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Read Crossing over to the dark side at Dream Act Texas.

In the following article the NYT talks about the agents that have gone over to the dark side. My contention is that with the current anti-immigration climate and the notorious reputation gained by ICE agents - just joining DHS is like crossing over the DARK SIDE.

Juan Crow Grows More Violent: Latino Activists Face Death Threats in Georgia at Of América.

The forces of anti-immigrant, anti-Latino hate have opened up another front in their relentless war: death threats targeting not just immigrants, but the activists who support them.

Also at Dream Act Texas read Underground Undergrads coming out on May 28th from 4-6 PM in UCLA and Hope is the Last Thing that Dies.

Dozens of college students, many in graduation gowns and caps, marched from Valley High School to University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on Friday afternoon in support of legislation that would give undocumented young people a path toward legality.

More Ticks, Mosquitoes, and Rats; Another Consequence of Empty Homes at Anti-BVBL.

The time has come for our elected officials to address this impending health crisis in Prince William County. Not only are the sheer number of foreclosures a fiscal crisis, but there is a rising health concern as well.

America’s first coloring book at Breakthrough. See terrible images from our immigration past.

SPEAK out - Immigration Control - Emerging Police State at No Borders and Binaries.

The progressive media is finally paying more attention to the emerging police state in light of immigration crackdowns in Postville, Iowa and the Washington Post report on the (mis)treatment of immigrant detainees.

Grey market employer crackdowns and illegal workers at Working Immigrants.

The Protest at the T Don Hutto Residential Center at Para Justicia y Libertad.

A Voice for Forgotten Immigrant Soldiers at Standing FIRM. Also Round-up - Postville Raid’s Continued Impact.

An Apology 94 Years In The Making at Latino Politico.

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