Arresting Migrants Leaving the Country?: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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The Origin of Illegal Immigration at I am a DREAMer.

We are taught in Sociology101 about ’social construction.’ Well, ‘illegal immigration’ is also a social construct. Today, for the first time, I poured over 200 year old newspaper archives looking for the origin of the phrase ‘illegal immigration.’ It first appears after the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed into law on May 6, 1882.

What the Heck? U.S. Arresting Undocumented LEAVING the Country at Immigration Prof Blog. Also read Electronic Employment Verification Hearings.

Immigration in all its Designs at Smart Borders.

Touring Spain, I am quickly being reminded of immigration in all its designs. In the United States, we tend to imagine Mexican braceros or refugees, but often ignore or forget the host of reasons people migrate from place to place.

When (Super)Markets Fail Neighborhoods at DMI Blog.

A recent study has shown that, faced with thinning profit margins, neighborhood supermarkets are declining in numbers in New York City.

Follow up on ICE Death by Detention at Eristic-Ragemail.

Many detainees may have a valid defense — and at any rate have committed only administrative violations such as overstaying a visa or entering the country without authorization. Yet their cases are handled with a toxic mixture of secrecy and inattention to basic rights.

A NEW AND IMPROVED E-VERIFY? at Greg Siskind's Blog.

DHS has announced that it is making a three part enhancement to E-Verify that would decrease the mismatch rate for naturalized citizens. I've been blogging about this problem regularly since about 10% of naturalized US citizens show up in the system as being illegally present in the US. Obviously, this is a serious, serious problem.

Read the Hatewatch Headlines over at Hatewatch.

The Trans-Texas Corridor and Why You Really Do Care at Wild Chihuahuas.

This one has everything. This one, the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), is the perfect illustration of shock-doctrine privatized predator capitalism brought home to the USA, and the all-encompassing symbol and manifestation of what "free trade" means for the people. It has years of behind-the-scenes planning reminiscent of the Iraq occupation in more ways than I can count.

Immigration 101-Raid! and IR-1105 The lessons of last week's meeting of the Suffolk Legislature at Long Island Wins.

The developments in Suffolk over the last three weeks point to strengths and weaknesses in the immigrant rights community's work to stop IR 1105. Both positives and negatives were on display for everone at the Suffolk Legislature on April 29.

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