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Make sure and visit The Sanctuary and add it to your rss feeds. Thanks to Nezua for the wonderful design.

Where Nativism meets Anti-Semitism at Eristic Ragemail. When a plant owned by Jews is raided in a hunt for undocumented workers the nativist (racist) crowd gets to hit two birds with one stone.

Depoliticize Immigration - Article in NLG Newsletter at I am a DREAMer. Please take the time to read and comment on this article over at I am a Dreamer.

Read ICE in Italy at Dream Act Texas. When you look at the fact the the most wealthy countries in the world are all working to keep immigrants out it has to make you wonder what's going on. I always though the United States was different, but it really doesn't seem so anymore.

Town Project at The Fem Team. This article speaks on a mayor's crusade against undocumented migrants as his first order of businesses. "Carrollton's next mayor, Ron Branson, said Sunday that he'll begin working immediately to rid the city of illegal immigrants."

Iowa Raid Update and How To Help at the National Immigrant Justice Center blog.

Mariposita Soñadora at La Mariposa en la Pared. "This girl is living the life of an undocumented student, and writing about it."

Radio Nation Interview: Politics, Economics and Psychology of Exploitation in the U.S. South at Of América.

ANTIs throwing Hissy Fit over Feinstein´s Needed Farm Worker Bill at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

The US Supreme Court Fails to Protect Our Voting Rights! at Latino Politics Blog. "Barrio Abogado chimes in regarding the Supreme Court upholding of the Indiana voter rights law."

Local Covereage of Postville, Iowa ICE Raid Surprisingly Fair at Vivir Latino.

Public Lies; Private Secrets at Dream Act Texas.

While the political history of this country is full of politicians fudging just a bit..... the current administration wins the prize for honest dishonesty. They aren't embarrassed when they are caught with their pants down-- they just smile and say "we didn't say that."

wrong again at yave begnet blog.

One of the vanishingly few political positions the LDS church has staked out a firm position on since the 19th Century was its opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s, opposition which helped lead to the amendment's defeat.

The Heart of the Alien at Liberty Together.

From the "He just said what?" file: at Migra Matters.

GOP lawmakers were in a state of shock on Wednesday after suffering a devastating special-election loss in Mississippi.

Follow up on House of Raeford case at Working Immigrants.

Clueless in the Desert at Wild Chihuahuas. Republican troubles in elections.

O.M.G. at One Step Closer on anti-psychotic drugs given to detainees.


The Differences between Irun and I run… at Smart Borders.

Resources on State and Local Immigration Laws "Following the failure of comprehensive immigration reform, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of anti-immigrant local ordinances and state laws proposed and enacted." Also ICE Sued Over Postville Raid at Immigration Prof Blog. And don't forget to read Is Sheriff Arpaio Out?. Can it be that the law will be forced to go after real criminals?

Where Do Latinos Go Now? at Nuestro Voice.

Latino voters, who supported Sen Hillary Clinton by a 2-to-1 margin in the primary elections, could face a different choice in November if Clinton is out of the race.

Guest Voz: Nebraska Educator Values Mexican Government's Efforts to Elevate Quality of Life for U.S.-based Mexican Immigrants at Latina Lista.

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