U.S. Immigration Policy Harms Children: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Ruben Navarrette Jr. on Racism in the Debate Over Immigration and U.S. Immigration Policy Harms Children at Immigration Prof Blog

Smart Borders is a wonderful blog written by a person who lives right near the Texas/Mexico border. Read Something there is that Doesn’t Love a Wall, Part 1.

With all the grace and diplomacy of a Chinese Emperor, Homeland Security has waived 39 laws for the wall in Texas and 19 different laws for the Arizona portion. And, just like the Great Wall of China, people will surely die as a result of this costly edifice.
Also read Life Is A Story.
The most beautiful thing about nonviolence, then, is the fact that it always holds out hope for redemption. Because nonviolence never physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually views the “other” as an enemy or essentially evil, reconciliation is a constant possibility.

The immigration line to the U.S. is really a black hole at Generation 1.5.

It's bad enough that radio shock jocks and cable TV personalities demonize undocumented immigrants. But what bothers me even more is the reflexive response by well-meaning Americans that undocumented immigrants ought to "get in line and wait their turn."
What they don't realize is that our immigration system is so broken that there is no line.
This "line" is written about in yave's post here titled "There Is No Line."


The hit, when it went down, was perfect. The photographer was shot five times, with a tiro de gracia to the head. He collapsed by the torta stand, his five-year-old son in shock, clutching the dead body.

Dream Act Texas brings us The Pope, the Church, and their immigrant flock.

Will he be sensitive to the screaming nativists who hate immigrants? Will he ignore the immigration issue - or will he take a stand?
Also read No, It is Not Your Federal Money- CA DREAMers Fighting for Aid and ICE enters Church Retreat to arrest immigrants.
If ICE agents are going into churches looking for undocumented people, then that means we are no longer safe.
It starts with removing basic rights to "capture" undocumented migrants then it bleeds into the loss of basic rights for us all.

Today’s Video: 3000 posts! at the Latin Americanist.

Pro-sovereignty Movement in Mexico Delays Energy Privatization Plan at Of América. For those anti-migrants who hold up signs "fix your own country" - her you go.

McCain’s Plea to Hispanics Dismays Anti-Immigration Republicans at Nuestra Voice.

From the mouth of Babs: Texas border resident speaks about life along the Rio Grande at Latina Lista.

Perfect Timing for Tomorrow Night's Panel Event - Did You RSVP Yet? at Long Island Wins. They're holding an event tonight titled "Don't Make Our Mistakes - Lessons from Riverside, NJ in the costs of attacking immigrants.".

The duality of being an immigrant woman at I am a DREAMer.

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