Upcoming NYC Migration Events

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There are a couple of events coming up soon for those in the New York metro area who want to make their voices heard to convince America to repeal our draconian immigration laws and give migrants a fair shake.

The May 1 rally at Union Square is the place to go for all your 2008 migration protest needs.

And there is a new documentary on the migration debate in the U.S. that looks very promising--free screening before the rally on May 1.

But first, a vigil on April 26 to promote passage of the Child Citizen Protection Act (CCPA) (details on all these events below).

CHILDREN'S VIGIL to Help Protect Our Children!

NY City Council has made their stance clear with the passage of Resolution 1250 in support of the Child Citizen Protection Act (CCPA).  It is time for the Senate to act!

Join us as US citizen children from across NYC come together to demand that Senator Charles Schumer introduce this legislation in the Senate so it can become a reality. Demand that Senator Schumer introduce the CCPA.  This event is co-sponsored by Families for Freedom and the New Sanctuary Movement of New York City.

This vigil will include a call-in action to demand that he introduce the Senate bill now! Tell our leaders to stop allowing our families to be destroyed.

Sat. April 26

757 Third Avenue at 47th Street,NYC

Trains: 4,5,6 and 7 to Grand Central 42nd St; S from Times Sq. to  Grand Central 42nd St.

For more info contact Families for Freedom at 646-290-5551,  www.familiesforfreedom.org.


*Vigilia Para Los Ninos de Inmigrantes, ¡Ayuda a proteger a nuestros niños!*

Vengan y escuchen a los niños hablando acerca del impacto de políticas  actuales de deportación en sus vidas...

Tendremos música, bailes, y oradores que demandan y dan voz a la  protección de los niños que son víctimas de un sistema migratorio que  los separa de sus seres queridos.

La Acta de Protección del Niño Ciudadano (CCPA), HR 1176 le devolverá  la discreción a los jueces para que consideren el daño que se le hace  a el niño, la familia y la comunidad cuando uno de sus padres es  deportado.

El Ayuntamiento de NY ha tomado una postura positiva con el pasaje de la Resolución 1250 a favor del CCPA. ¡Es tiempo para el Senado que  actúe! Únanse con los niños ciudadanos de EEUU a través de NYC que se reúnen a demandar que el Senador Charles Schumer introduzca esta  legislación en el Senado y así se haga una realidad.

¡Únanse a una vigilia que incluirá una acción por teléfono para demandar que Schumer introduzca el acta en el Senado ahora! Dí a  nuestros líderes que paren la destrucción de nuestras familias y comunidades.

Sábado 26 de abril 11:30am-1:30pm

757 Tercera Ave. de la calle 47, NYC

Trenes del 4.5.6 y 7 a Grand Central y calle 42, S de Times Sq. a la  Grand Central y calle 42.

Demandemos que Schumer introduzca el CCPA.  Este evento es patrocinado  por Familias por la Libertad y el Nuevo Movimiento Santuario de la  Ciudad de Nueva York.

Para más información contactar a Familias por la Libertad 646.290.5551,

What is the Child Citizen Protection Act (CCPA)?  According to the text of the bill, searchable at the Library of Congress THOMAS website under HR 1176, it's quite simple:

In the case of an alien subject to removal, deportation, or exclusion who is the parent of a child who is a citizen of the United States, the immigration judge may exercise discretion to decline to order the alien removed, deported or excluded from the United States if the judge determines that such removal, deportation, or exclusion is clearly against the best interests of the child

There are a couple of exceptions based on human trafficking and national security grounds, but what you see is what you get with this bill.  Harm to U.S. citizen children should be one factor among many that an immigration judge should be able to consider when deciding whether the parent should be deported.

Next, there's a free screening of a new migration-themed documentary called Beyond Borders: The Debate Over Human Migration scheduled in the afternoon before the May 1 rally at Union Square.  Watch the trailer here.

The appetizer:


Beyond Borders Screening Invite RSVP

May 1st, Free Sneak Preview

RSVP @ http://beyondbordersfilm.com/
Beyond Borders: The Debate Over Human Migration

A New Documentary

The Beyond Borders screening will take place on May 1st at 1pm in
Manhattan –

AMC (A19) Theater
19th Street East 6
890 Broadway New York, NY.

This is an invitation for a free screening of Beyond Borders before its national release and a chance to participate in a panel discussion afterwards.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker Brian Ging, NYIC executive director Ms. Chung-Wha Hong, and documentary interviewees Michele Wucker (senior fellow and executive director of World Policy Institute and author of Lockout), and Sandro St. Jean (featured Haitian painter and recent immigrant).

Please RSVP to reserve your ticket for the event. We encourage you to forward this invitation on to friends, colleagues, and family - all of whom are welcome to attend the event.


Contact Info:
Producer - Dave Szamet
producer AT beyondbordersfilm DOT com

Camborne Productions
157 N. Raymond Ave. #305
Pasadena, California 91103

And the main course:

Thursday MAY 1st

Stop the Raids & Deportations
Legalization Now · Justice for ALL


12 pm: Gather at Union Square, 14th Street & Broadway

4 pm: Rally & March

May Day 2008 is critically important. Will the optimism and hope expressed around the Presidential elections translate into an end of immigrant raids and deportations? Will it bring an end to the foreclosures of homes, the lowering of gas and food prices, or an end to lay-offs?

Whatever the outcome in November, the May 1st Coalition for Immigrant and Workers Rights will be marching once again on May Day, International Workers Day to say no to all the attacks against workers here and around the world.

We call on the progressive community, the anti-war movement, the women's & LGBT movement, and especially the labor movement, to come out for May Day 2008. March for solidarity, because an injury to one is an injury to all!

See you there!

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