this American life: the Widow Penalty

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Brent Renison, the Oregon attorney who has been working tirelessly to eliminate the nonsensical "widow penalty," appeared recently on NPR's "This American Life" with Ira Glass.  You can check it out here (scroll through to nearly the halfway mark to the start of the segment: "This American Wife"). 

Meanwhile, the federal class action lawsuit to extend to the rest of the nation the exemption to the penalty currently only available to people living in the Ninth Circuit continues apace.  So far so good for Renison and his diligent co-counsel, Alan Diamante, and the hundreds (possibly thousands) of widows and widowers whose hopes rest with federal litigation and efforts to convince Congress to end this inane and unfair penalty. 

Visit the Surviving Spouses Against Deportation (SSAD) website for more information.

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