The New Trail Of Tears: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Former DREAMER Almost Deported Part I at Dream Act Texas. Continued in Former DREAMER almost Deported, Part II.

Immigration explodes when people don't have enough food

The potato famine in Ireland brought millions of Irish to the U.S. A large percentage of people who migrate without documents come here from Mexico and Latin America because they cannot feed their families. What are the consequences when this starts happening in most of the world?

Latino Children Facing the New Trail of Tears! at Immigration Talk With a Mexican American.

Time for my 5th Generation T-Shirt at Dos Centavos.

Looks like I'm going to have to CafePress me a "I'm a 5th Generation Texan, Stupid Gringo!" t-shirt. Professor Stephen Klineberg just released his big survey and things do not look good, as far as attitudes toward Latinos go.

Points of Unity for May Day Marches at Vivir Latino.

Today’s Video/Event: “100% Venezuela” at The Latin Americanist.

Breaking News: Hispanic Broadcast Journalist of the Year Files Federal Complaint Against Dallas Fox Station at Latina Lista.

Happy Earth Day at La Bloga.

Iowa House of Reps hammers illegal immigrants at Working Immigrants.

Opposition to detention of immigrant children growning nationally at T Don Hutto Blog.

Flaws on U.S. History exposed against Mexico and Mexicans. Why Build a wall in our southern Border and not our Northern Border? at Pro Inmigrant.

After September 11, 2001. Everything changes for U.S. Citizens and Mexicans. Why? The Terrorist weren't Mexicans or Latinos!!!!! Terrorist do not crossed or arrived thru our Southern Border?

Illiterate Peasants at People Migrate.

When Colorado State Representative Douglas Bruce said, at the microphone, in the Colorado House, that Colorado didn't need another 5,000 illiterate peasants, I do not think that it was a surprise to anyone who knows him.

Legislator introduces new bill, asks that 1105 be tabled at Long Island Wins blog.

Inmate count in U.S. dwarfs other nations' at Just News.

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