The Devil is Reading Citizen Orange

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I don't know whether to be honored, disgusted, or afraid, but it looks like anti-migrant leaders are reading Citizen Orange.  On April 4, 2008, I got my first ever link from VDARE, a bastion of online migrant hate.  The post was written by Donald A. Collins, a board member of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, one of the leading U.S. anti-migrant organizations.  I usually try not to link to anti-migrant sites, but this post doesn't make much sense without it.  This is Collins' post.  It links to my post about "Democrats who [favor] causing illegals to return home".
Donald A. Collins proclaims himself to be a Democrat, and it's not too hard to believe this is true.  In other areas he seems to align himself with the Democrat agenda.  His biography on the FAIR website is as follows:

Mr. Collins serves as a program and financial consultant to a number of non-profit and charitable institutions. He serves on several non-governmental organization boards, including The Population Institute, Family Health International, and International Projects Assistance Services, whose varied activities are primarily concerned with advocacy of international family planning, women's rights, and reproductive health.
- FAIR Website

While Collins seems to be vehemently pro-choice, which I admire, this ideology seems to run within a larger, very troubling frame.  This frame has inspired much of the leaders of the anti-migrant movement who believe that stemming population growth is the key to saving the environment.  There next leap in logic is that migrants are bad for the environment because they have too many babies (most of which, coincidentally, are babies of color) and are the sole reason the U.S.'s population isn't leveling out. 

Not only is this narrative false in states like Massachusetts, where migrants are the only people keeping the workforce young, healthy, and productive.  It's just another in a long line of straw men anti-migrant advocates prop up to incite hate and fear.  The truth is that environmental problems not only in the U.S. but also in the world, are largely to blame for wealthy U.S. citizens consuming too much, not migrants having too many babies.  Collins also likes to use the misleading and hurtful language of the anti-migrant movement.  Labeling anything they disagree with to be open borders or amnesty, dehumanizing migrants with the term "illegal aliens". 

It's not surprise then that in the post Collins links to me in, he props up a Center for Immigration Studies poll as if it were actually a legitimate poll to be analyzed.  The Center for Immigration Studies is another FAIR spin-off that puts itself off as respected but only exists to justify extreme anti-migrant positions.  Collins calls it a "a respected think tank" and analyzes a poll that professes to use "neutral language".  But let's examine the "neutral language" in this CIS poll.  It's centered around this one question:

Question 1: The government estimates that there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the country.  What is the best way to deal with illegal immigration?  Should we allow them to stay and be put on a path to citizenship provided they pay a fine, learn English, and undergo a background check? OR should we have a program of mass roundups and deportations?  OR should we enforce the law causing illegals to go home over time by securing the border, penalizing employers who hire illegals, and getting the cooperation of local law enforcement?"

Is it a surprise that 56% of Republicans and 37% of Democrats chose the third option (50% of Democrats chose the first)? I won't even talk about the use of the term "illegal immigrant" or "illegals" (illegals is not only dehumanizing it is grammatically incorrect) in this question that professes to use "neutral language".  Instead I'll write what I would consider "neutral" language for the third part of that question:

...OR should we have a program of mass roundups and deportations? OR should we use harsh enforcement at the border, in the workplace, and in your community to make life so miserable for migrants that they would prefer to live in rural Guatemala or the slums of Mexico city than in the U.S.

This is the policy of attrition through enforcement that anti-migrant advocates are pushing so much.   They use language that seems so clinical when in reality they are advocating for human suffering on such a mass scale that migrants will choose the hard long journey back to the difficult conditions from which they have fled.  I do not like Collins but I do try to find love for him in my heart.  Still I do not have qualms with calling organizations that advocate for this mass human suffering "the devil".

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Congrats! When the nuts start reading your work, I take that as a very positive sign. If they leave comments, they generally end up undermining their own positions anyway.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

I hope so. If anti-migrant trolls start overrunning the comments section, though, we'll be in trouble.

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