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No matter how much nativist groups scream and yell the truth is that the vast majority of migrants are wonderful hard-working people.  Contrary to claims that they are criminals studies have shown that communities with the biggest migrant populations actually have less crime.

Damn Mexicans is starting a series of posts to explain the fact that so many nativist candidates are failing to win their districts and, as we've seen in the presidential primaries, fail to win the bid of their party when the people have a voice in the decision. The first of these posts is titled Why The Nativists Never Win.

Eristic Ragemail asks Who Has the Best Chance at Enacting Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In this post we get analysis of each candidates promises on immigration reform.

The Big Lie: Immigrants are criminals at Long Island Wins Blog. Also read Shocking development in Suffolk Legislature.

After the failure of IR 1105 introduced by Brian Beedenbender to pass out of committee last month, most of us breathed a sigh of relief. It was premature. Today, Presiding Officer Bill Lindsay took advantage of the absence of Legislator Elie Mystal to push the bill out of committee and before the entire legislature. This means the bill will be voted on Tuesday, April 29.

Dream Act Texas: Listening to the Other Side: Should we be listening to the anti-migrant groups?. In The Pope Speaks on Immigration we read:

Tancredo is screaming again about immigration. The Pope did bring the issue up with President Bush, but clearly, the conversation meant nothing since there were ICE raids all over the country that day.

In Peace. Passover. Freedom. Justice The Unapologetic Mexican writes on the hatred shown towards Hispanics while remembering the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw ghetto. This hatred is realized by the many hateful comments we all get on our blogs.

Are You Listening, ABC? New Poll Identifies #1 Issue in ‘08 Elections: Bu*#^hit at Of América. Leave it to the comedy news to show you reality.

Weekly Roundup Post: ICE Raids, Fabian Nuñez, and Antonio Villaraigosa, Oh My! at Latino Politics Blog.

Latinos in Lotusland is here! at La Bloga. An Anthology of Contemporary Southern California Literature.

Guerra Adds to the Papal Discussion at Dos Centavos. "arlos Guerra added to the discussion on the need for Pope Bene to get involved in the immigration discussion while he traverses these United Estados."

And because Hitler would have hated him, we give you Eddie Izzard's "Empires" at Culture Kitchen. Another example of the truth in comedy.

Not even Afghanistan at yave begnet blog. Clinton claims the activist base of the Democratic party is causing problems for her campaign.

Alarming internal emails within the San Diego Minuteman Group. They called immigrants “cockroaches,” “wetbacks” and other slurs at Pro Inmigrant.

Mexican’s at the gates - The “Reconquista” is underway - Chula’s Fronteras at Mexico Trucker.

Pope speaks up for immigrants at Just News.

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symesss said:

Of course there are many issues in government and this election cycle is no exception. However, when you realize the fact that so many Republicans hold the same views on many issues while a minority exude a strong nativist sentiment it's easy to see that's what keeps them from office. McCain is touted as Mr. 100 years yet he's still the Republican nominee even though so many are against the Iraq War. Immigration was one area that he stood out from the others and he now has the nomination. If this isn't true then explain what you feel are the issues the kept strong nativist candidates from the nomination.

It's easy to call this "spinning", but I'd say that term is a frictionless void where nothing has any value. Just call it 'spin' with a twist of the fingers and watch the top rotate you into a state of hypnosis.

kyledeb said:

This is your thread symsess so you're free to do what you want with it, but we have to stop publishing Publius's comments.

Publius has proved time and time again that he seeks only to breed division not consensus. In this case, Publius neglects to mention that most U.S. citizens favor a path to legalization in poll after poll. Nativism is a losing electoral strategy.

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