Take Hate Out Of The Debate: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Watch the video featuring Janet Murguía's National Pres Club speech on the vilification of migrants at Migra Matters in Janet Murguía on immigration: Take Hate out of Debate.

Dream Act Texas: Arizona's tightening grip on diversity - SB 1108
Help fight Ariz. bill to ban ethnic student groups like MEChA, Black Business Students Assoc.
Confused about Immigration? Get the Facts at Wild Chihuahuas.
One of the toughest things about fighting in this nasty anti-immigrant war is that there seem to be more nativists than there are pro-immigrant sane people. Or at least they talk more and talk louder and have their own TV show.
Immigration 101 The impact of Employer Sanctions on Immigrants at Long Island Wins blog.
This is the third in a three-part series on Employer Sanctions, laws originally passed in 1986 to halt illegal immigration by going after the employers who hire the undocumented.
The 'real tour' of ICE's PR media showcase at T Don Hutto blog.
Mead is the same guy who told me early last year - when Hutto's fence was still rimmed in razor wire and immigrant kids were still issued uniforms, counted three times a day and subjected to substandard education and health care - that his agency had already made the former prison as homelike as it could.
The Business of Detention at Just News.

Also read some of today's headlines in News - Thursday, April 24th. Letter from a Latino Veteran to the Governor of Arizona: "PLEASE STOP THE RACIAL PROFILING IN ARIZONA" at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Noose Provocateur’s Hometown Celebrated White Supremacy at SLPC's Hatewatch blog.
A lawyer for the teenager who set off the largest rash of racist noose incidents this country has seen in recent decades says his client will plead guilty to a federal misdemeanor Friday.
Smart Borders Continues the series Something There Is That Doesn't Love a Wall with Part 4.
Since 1904, the Border Patrol has grown from an unofficial 75-man unit of mounted riders designed to enforce the Chinese Exclusion Act to an 11,000-member squad aiming to thwart all illegal crossings. Despite this manpower, which is only expected to grow over the coming years, the number and cost of each illegal entry into the United States has simply increased. A border wall will only add to the cost, while being about as effective as a rabbit-proof fence in a continent not far away.
Watch the trailer to the film Beyond Borders at Vivir Latino. "Is there a human right to migrate?" - "It doesn't get any more human than this."

Carne Asada is Not a Crime: Support Taco Trucks! at Of América.

Congressional Hispanics knock Democratic leaders at Nuestra Voice.
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus denounced House Democratic leaders Wednesday as “spineless” and little better than Republicans for failing to take on comprehensive immigration reform.
With nativists looking for robots to replace field workers on farms it's important that you get your insurance. Watch the ad at Matt Ortega in Robots with Lasers.

Read May 1 Oakland March and Rally at Immigration Prof Blog for a list of May Day demands to support migrants. 

March for Human Rights--May 1 (Houston) at Dos Centavos.

U.S. soldier arrested in Mexico with several weapons in car at Mexico Trucker.

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