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Happy belated birthday to Cesar Chavez. Yesterday many marched for worker's rights amongst other happenings. Click here for stories on Google News.

For those in Arizona here are some events in César Chávez Events In Tucson brought to you by Latino Politico.

The Unapologetic Mexican dijo "¡FELIZ CUMPLEANOS, Señor Chavez!" in Cesar Chavez Day?.

Para Justicia y Libertad also says Happy Cesar Chavez Day.

On Cesar's birthday Latina Lista writes yesterday, What do GOOGLE and McCain Have in Common? Both Forgot What Today Is.

That point became painfully clear when I noticed that the one entity that could really put their stamp on making this day authentic let the anniversary go by without even an o drawn grape — yes, the GOOGLE splash page.

Official Language: Penalty - Learn English or GO TO JAIL! (Includes Legal Citizens!)

For all of you who promote "Official English" and who said this would never happen, here it is. A Judge has ruled "Learn English or Go To Jail!" The judge imposed this sentence on those here legally. As we move closer to a "Gestapo State," even with no standards set, the judge says, “There’s no way young kids can be hurt by knowing how to read and write the English language.”

I'd imagine many here heard of or saw the slip by Dobb's where he begins to say "cotton-pickin'" just stopping short of "pickin'." I don't know whether or not to find it funny or disturbing as this was in the middle of a tirade on race in the U.S. As Dobbs said this is one of the most progressive nations there is, but as Lou himself demonstrated there is still a terrible demon buried in the gut of many white Americans.

Celebrations, Eye Rolls, and Plain Disgust at Damn Mexicans.  Birthright citizenship, Lou's slip and a rise in hate groups.

Here's a story that would have made Woodrow proud: Wearing antiwar T-shirt gets 80 year old arrested. In Yes, we do get screwed... we really do. Here Dream Act Texas references the Alternet article on the DREAM Act.

Obedience, Immigration and the Bible at People Migrate.

Citizens of the U.S. have the right to disagree with the government, and, motivated by their principles, Christians do this in multiple ways: at the ballot box, through publications, by organizing educational, legal, and civic organizations that defend other points of view, by participating in peaceful protests of many kinds for a host of causes, and the like.

Venezuela Does It's Part Against Ilegal Drug Trade at Vivir Latino. Also for those of us in New York City - It's Never too Early to Plan for the Weekend : 3 De La Habana First-ever Live NYC Performance at S.O.B's. Also, Latinos Have a Whole Week for Obama.

Pro-Barack Obama Latinos (which according the the media, don't exist) are gearing up for a whole week of fundraising geared towards the Latino community.

"Daily Headlines": April 1, 2008 at The Latin Americanist. A good list of stories around the Latino net.

Bits & Pieces: Old and New Chicanarte at La Bloga.

Wisconsin Readers: Vote TODAY, April 1 at Culture Kitchen.

Homophobia and racism in soccer, part 65 at Blabbeando.

Yave posts here at at his own blog no due process, no truth.

This story (via Yglesias) from 60 Minutes about America’s clandestine prison system for foreign nationals has my jaw on the floor. I didn’t think I would be this easily shocked after the last seven years of abuse the Bill of Rights has undergone.

Did you know there's agriculture in New York? at Long Island Wins.

Navarette Commentary: Immigration's yin and yang

Navarette Ruben Navarette Jr. writes about the irony of states passing anti-immigrant laws despite benefiting from undocumented workers in their states.
Also read Migrant and Refugee Rights Program Officer position and Vermont College Helps Refugees at Immigration Prof Blog.

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