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Sharing personal accounts is a great way to bring empathy and compassion to this issue. As we all know real people are affected by the problems with our immigration system and hearing your stories will help foster the compassion which can lead to positive change. I am a DREAMer calls out to everyone to Share your immigration story.

Dream Act Texas offers information and a phone number in 59 arrested in Virginia - call 866 341-3858 for info. on their whereabouts. Illogical Deportations gives us the Servano family in PA who have been living legally in the U.S. up until they applied for citizenship.

Man Eegee guest blogs at The Unapologetic Mexican in Neil Boortz Makes A Lousy Human. Neil chimes in on how he'd make a terrible Mexican and we just have to wonder what people are thinking.

With the raids continuing make sure to watch Prepare for ICE Raids – CHIRLA "Know Your Rights!" Video at Yave Begnet.

Alberto Gonzales, The Former Attorney General, Is Looking For Work at Nuestra Voice.

So much for the black-brown divide, more commonalities at Latino Politics Blog.

CBS News profile of illegal immigrants at Working Immigrants.

Read about the 2008 CHIRLA Gala in Los Angeles at People Migrate.

Citizenship Problems at Long Island Wins blog detailing how more and more people are being denied citizenship.

Immigrant Stories and Policy of Humanity at Immigration Prof Blog.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon asks FBI to investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Document Jam Could Keep Immigrants from Voting at Immigrants in the USA.

American Humanity comments on the Save Our State protest at an American Apparel location in Los Angeles for their "Legalize LA" campaign.  Here we see the usual anti-migrant camera in your face tactics along with their showing that if you don't think like they do then you should be harassed.  In Chertoff defends immigration policy I rant a bit and hopefully make some sense.

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