Rally May 1st For Migrants: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Get out this Thursday, May 1st and support migrants. Check your local immigrant rights groups on the Do Something link at A Dream Deferred.

May 1st Coalition Events in Arizona at Latino Politics blog.

Research: Anti-immigrant laws depress working conditions and Top Ten Things We Hate About Immigration "Debate" at Long Island Wins.

Hire them but what will happen when they get here? at Dream Act Texas.

The workers entering the country with proper documents -but they are still bringing themselves, meaning they will mostly be identifiably immigrants - ready to be plucked off the street by a Sheriff's Deputy - especially if they go to Arizona. Why would anyone want to get a temporary job in one of these states? In Arizona they would be stepping into a war zone.

Telling us what we already knew about immigration

It is commonly known among immigration lawyers and advocates that being undocumented does not make a person a criminal. This has always been so. Interesting that so many people think otherwise.

Nativism in the News at the SLPC's Hatewatch blog.

Canadian immigration - Mythbusters at I am a DREAMer. "How about a crash-course in comparative immigration studies with our neighbor?"

Watch What's a 100 More Years Occupying Iraq? DNC Ad. at Vivir Latino.

Hispanic Congressmen chastise Dobbs at the Latin Americanist.

Gen (D): Democrats on the Rise in Youth Party ID at Matt Ortega.

"Hoo" are Hispanic Hoosiers Leaning Towards for President? at Latina Lista.

Napolitano Vetoes HB 2708 at Wild Chihuahuas. "Side-stepping the racism, due process, and social cohesion issues it entails, Gov. Janet backed off a step or two from her previous and controversial alignment with anti-immigrationists."

On the same subject: AZ Gov Napolitano Vetos Immigration Bill - Some Say Due to Arpaio┬┤s Racial Profiling! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. NPR Stories on Immigration and Entrepreneurship High Among Immigrants at Immigration Prof Blog.

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