Pilgrim's Pride, and Prejudice: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that men and women in search of a good life, must be detained"

This sick and twisted game being played on migrants must stop.  Read the various posts on yesterday's raids.

ICE Raids Focus on Poultry Farms at Immigration Prof Blog. Also read Immigrant Integration in the Latino Metropolis.

Ensure Immigrant Detainees' Access to Ministry at NIJC Immigration News Blog.

ICE Raids Return to Instill Fear, Sow Hatred Before Mayday Marches at Of América. We're fighting against a sick cycle of giving hope to migrants and then sending the gestapo out to hunt them down. Just before the big May Day marches we have one of the largest raid sweeps in several months. Well, as a citizen I won't let our government's fear mongering keep me from supporting my fellow men and women.

Immigration sweeps underscore the extent businesses fear not complying with new rules at Latina Lista.

Standing FIRM - An Online Community for Migrant Rights! - Updates for 4.15.08. Read more for updates on May 1st events, National People's Action and other immigration news.

Dream Act Texas: A message to the Pope about the ICE Raids:

Dear Pope Benedict, Imagine that your flock, hundreds of whom were arrested in ICE raids today, are in agony, as Jesus was. Will you do something to stop the raids?

Also read Living Between Two Worlds on life in the U.S. as a DREAMer. In Immigration Cops in New Jersey local police as immigration officers is a bad idea easilly getting out of control. Just look at Arpaio.

Have you ever been approached by a police officer and asked to prove you're a citizen? In Three Women at a Bus Stop we read this is happening in Laredo.

May Day Actions in Defense of Immigrant Families Announced at Vivir Latino.

Today’s Video: Argie anger over “Simpsons” at The Latin Americanist.

Something There Is That Doesn't Love A Wall from Smart Borders.

Something there is that Doesn’t Love a Wall, Part 1

Something there is that doesn’t Love a Wall- Part 2

Walking along this wall, I am a ghost among ruins. It lacks a roof on the other side, to shelter a family or a friend. It is only one long wall, which doesn’t serve to protect those enclosed inside. Though it only continues a couple hundred yards, it is easy to imagine it going on forever, past light posts and stop signs, past bakeries and magic shops, past bookstores and groceries, past schools and prisons. How strange it is to come across a wall which does not contribute to a home.
Something there is that doesn’t Love a Wall - Part 3

SOMEBODY GET THE POPCORN READY at Border Reporter. The People United are staging a walk across the border to prove how 'easy' it is to cross. Border Reporter sees this as a press pander and I have to agree. (Surely there will be an accompanying video on You Tube.)

I wish the group a good trip, and even moreso, I hope them an uneventful trek. The less attention for the feverish, the better, I always say.

Pope To Discuss Iraq, Immigration With Bush at Nuestro Voice.

Letter from a Birmingham Jail: 45 Years Later at Matt Ortega.

Regarding Torture.. at Latino Politico.

Goddess of the Americas: Looking Back to Create the Future at La Bloga.

Pope Speaks; Media Avoids the Days Events at Dos Centavos.

OPEN CHATROOM : Debating the Philadelphia Democratic Candidates' Debate at Culture Kitchen.

Bruce endorses Obama at Blabbeando. Bruce Springsteen the quintessential American rocker is supporting Obama as his choice for President believing he has the best chance of bringing true change - and playing clean-up after Bush.

Yave Begnet writes and i shot a rabbit once in the desert ....

How immigration laws really work at Working Immigrants.

The American State of Mind at Wild Chihuahuas. "If being stupid is repeating the same catastrophic actions over and over while hoping for some outcome besides disaster, then to my mind we indicted ourselves in 2004."

Pro-Inmigrant: Take a look at Immigration system in United Kingdom. Also Raid Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICE Continue raids thru the Nation, Erase the Hate on Child Abuse and I am hoping that we can found out our Human and civilizated side.

Los Zeta’s Recruiting in Nuevo Laredo ? Not likely! at Mexico Trucker.

Video Highlights from "Don't Make Our Mistakes: Lessons from Riverside, NJ" at Long Island Wins.

U.S. to Expand DNA Collection During Arrests, Detentions at Just News.

Undocumented immigrants contributed $428 billion to economy in 2006 at Voices from the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.

Weakened NSM Promises Major D.C. Rally on Saturday at Hatewatch blog.

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