An End To Ethnic Studies? - Arizona's HB1108: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Arizona's HB1108 would censor books and ethnic studies courses at Dream Act Texas.
[The Arizona]" legislature is considering a bill that would ban public-school classes that "overtly encourage dissent." As a throw-in, the bill would also ban university organizations that appeal to memberships "based in whole or in part on race-based criteria."

Somos Guerra
at The Unapologetic Mexican. The war machine is fueled by our money and desire to consume.

Labor leaders meet to discuss Mexican immigrant workers' rights at Just News.

On Immigrant Crime and Human Tragedy and Cities Need Immigrants at Immigration Prof Blog.

Sean Bell Verdict Complicates Things for Obama at Of América.

Obama will find himself having to maneuver between the need to speak out on the most egregious, high profile example of institutional racism and police brutality since the Rodney King Incident and the need to deflect Clinton and McCain’s racialized attacks aimed at fomenting white fear of blacks and other non-whites.

May Day - Immigrants Rights are Workers Rights (San Francisco) at I am a DREAMer.

More And More Raids, But Still No Solutions at Nuestro Voice.

From a humanitarian perspective the raids are traumatic for the workers, most of whom have done nothing wrong. They can lead to horrible problems when American-born children of illegal immigrants are separated from their parents.

Pennsylvania Primary Provides New Litmus Test for Racism at Latina Lista.

Another sign that racism, particularly against Latinos, is on the rise is the latest crazy news coming from Arizona. It seems state Rep. Russell Pearce wants to prohibit students at the state's universities to form any groups based on race.

In other words, any Hispanic, black, Asian or Native American fraternities, sororities or student groups would be prohibited from campus.

AZ's Annual Mecham Memorial March of the Morons at Wild Chihuahuas. A gang of current and past legislatures seeking to out do each other proposing terrible and prejudice.

Some headlines for today in News - Friday, April 25th at Long Island Wins.

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