MTV Video: Endless War

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I've been away for a while doing work for the pro-migrant community and work that will get more exposure for this blog and all of its amazing writers.  Something that's been taking up a lot of time is videos for MTV, but I finally made my first decent one and had it featured on the front page of the Choose Or Lose website.  Click here to see it.

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janna said:

Great job, Kyle! From the intro that tallies our country's war involvements during your lifetime, to the music, to the compelling number$ at the end, you made an excellent statement against the war. Good work!

Professor Connolly said:

Great Job Kyle! I alwways knew that you had a lot of potential to do many things in life. This is just a start and what a wonderful introduction. Dad and Mom must be proud.
Colegio Maya has started the fire burning! Keep up the the good work. The world needs news presented, as YOU see it; truthful, independent and honest reporting. You won't get rich but you will have name recognition.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Haha, thanks professor Connolly. Always will remember your computer class, in what I think was elementary school. First time I learned the difference between a monitor and a CPU. It's good to hear from you and I hope you stop by again.

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