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I plan on attending the march in New York.  Make sure and attend your local march.  Please let us know if there are any other events planned not included on this list (though it looks very thorough).  This May 1st let's show the world that we support migrants and their contribution to this country.

Hoy Marchamos, Manana Votamos. Today we march, tomorrow will vote. Marches and Actions announced for May 1st. at Pro Inmigrant.  Thanks for the list of marches and actions!

Global Food Crisis at Dream Act Texas.

In Bangladesh at least 15,000 garment factory workers went on strike earlier today to call for higher wages to cover the soaring price of food.

Also read America's bitter sense of deprivation. Are we protecting our right to over consume or just trying to preserve the limited resources held in common perception?

After I described the DREAM Act and the current situation for DREAMERS -there seemed to be an explosion when we began the question and answer period. The comments were intense and angry. The students did not agree with allowing DREAMERS in-state tuition - one young man told us directly that immigration has really hurt the Black community.

Deporting Wisconsin’s best and brightest at One Step Closer.

Nativists Leap on Wrong Bandwagon — Again at SLPC's Hatewatch blog.

You might think that nativist bloggers and leaders might still be just a little gun shy after the embarrassing case of Angela D. Wilburn, the wife of the Ozarks Minutemen founder. Wilburn fabricated a story last December about being raped and shot by Mexican intruders after she accidentally shot herself.

Former Director of Smithsonian Latino Center Mis-used Funds at Vivir Latino. Also Voto Latino : Music With a Message and Mexican Congress on Lockdown Over Pemex.

The Unapologetic Mexican writes King Rat the Corpse Rancher.

I SAID I'D WRITE ON TORTURE today, as the Gross W. MoronTerror has recently admitted—using his typical "YGAFPWT"* methodology of confronting accusations of his violating the social contract—that he has signed off on the torturing of humans.

Chavez a "toxic" hemispheric threat at The Latin Americanist.

Immigration, “Healing” Touchstones of Pope Benedict’s Appeals to U.S. Latinos at Of América.

McCain’s Plea to Hispanics Dismays Anti-Immigration Republicans at Nuestra Voice.

Latino Politico writes Voto Latino iTunes Playlist Available.

Chertoff's waiver of 30 laws sends wrong signal to young voters about the value of the vote.

Today, at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, Texas, university President Blandina Cárdenas hosted a student forum on the one topic that is on every mind in the Texas Rio Grande Valley these days — the border wall.
Read more about the student forum at Vivir Latino.

Elesha Gayman: Progressive Grassroots Winner in the Iowa Legislature at Culture Kitchen.

Watch PSA for cable news hosts at Yave Begnet blog.

Watching Larry King react to Stephen Colbert on King's own show was surreal ... deer in the headlights doesn't quite capture the experience, maybe brontosaurus in the blast radius would be more apt.

All States Deemed Compliant with Real ID at Working Immigrants. "Part of Real ID’s effect is to make in impossible or close to that for illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses."

Courts of Appeal crowded with immigration cases at Long Island Wins.

The Verge of Expulsion, the Fringe of Justice at Just News.
The Catholic Church and the Latino Culture in the Southwest at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Tactless Game of Tag Planned to Protest Illegal Immigration at American Humanity.

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