History Is Written By The Winners: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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In the telling of history the victor gets the pen. For this reason so many do not know the true history of immigration in this country. We see those anti-migrant groups that claim they're for "legal" immigration fantasize about a movement of people who came to America and were welcomed with fanfare. This is simply not reality. Many migrants arrived to the United States dirt poor and when they weren't struggling to maintain a livelihood they were battling ignorance and intolerance from previous immigrants.  At Of América we read that Arizona is seeking to control information available in schools.  It is important that we continue to tell a true history lest we let the worst parts of it be repeated over and over again. 

Read yave's post titled Quote of the Day for an account of the Know Nothing Party, of the past, which bears a striking resemblance to the anti-migrant groups of today.

Arizona Uber Alles: Legislators Target Chicanos in Attempt to Close Intellectual Borders of Schools at Of América.

By targeting Chicano studies, MECHA and other groups and individuals promoting critical thinking among Latinos, the forces of white fear get two important benefits: they get to motivate their aging, flaccid base with the political Viagra of a new “threat” while also turning critical thinking among Latino youth into a dangerous and expensive endeavor.

Dream Act Texas: When you Call out My Parents you are Also Calling me Out

When you all call out my parents, you are also calling me out. This is my very personal opinion, and i have a huge problem with this, i am thankful everyday to my parents. There exists no doubt in my mind that my parents as well as your parents made a very difficult decision and they were very much aware of the consequences, but they took a risk and here we are. It may not be exactly the plan they had for us, but they knew that we would be in a better place... and aren't we?

When Latino Corporate Fighters Win Awards, The Corporates Get Mad at Vivir Latino.

What does a multi-national company do when two Ecuadorians fighting against them win an award? They launch a PR battle attack.

Watch the video Sueños Rotos [Broken Dreams] by MC Boca Floja at The Unapolgetic Mexican.

Today’s Video: Arde (cerca de) Buenos Aires at the Latin Americanist.

Latinos need our own Obama at Latina Lista.

Brazil: President-backed legislation would allow gays to sponsor foreign partners for immigration at Blabbeando.

Pro Inmigrant: Watch the videos Immigration Fight Hurts White Conservatives Too, Anti Immigrants dehuminized, dimished, and scapegoating Legal and Undocumented Immigrants and Beyond what's neccessary.. The fence is the solution said Lou Dobbs.

A Symbol of Privilege at People Migrate.

The state of California wrote to me about the status of one of my white privileges. No, my status is not at risk necessarily. But, a symbol of it is about to expire and needs to be renewed. For $28, a vision test, a thumbprint and photo I can renew this symbol, a privilege, not a right. Of course, I will also have to have a social security number, which will be collected at the time of my renewal.

Embracing Frugality at One Step Closer.

Why comments in opposition of the Cross Border Program were seemingly ignored! at Mexico Trucker.

A Legal Dilemma at Just News. "The way Jaime R. Villagran tells it, to avoid going to jail, he would have had to break one law to obey another.

Tommy T is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Remittances Affected by Economic Downturn, Border Network for Human Rights - 10th Anniversary and Forget the Wall--Build Mexico.

If the root cause of Mexican migration to the United States is found in Mexico, then why do we continue to believe that 2,000-mile walls will solve the immigration problems associated with undocumented workers?

Communities deal with aftermath of Pilgrims Pride immigration sweeps at NJIC blog.

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