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Earth Day is a day to focus on things to help keep the world alive and ensure it remains livable for many years to come. But it's not only important that the world be livable in regard to the environment; we must also nurture our society through compassion and humanity. The world can be the most lush green place we've ever seen, but without compassion it won't be a world worth living in and certainly not one we can enjoy.

I believe it's also important to realize that so many people throughout the world "live green", as we like to say, without even trying or really wanting to. They simply don't have the ability to exhaust natural resources by leaving lights on in every room, having televisions blasting next to surround sound systems and other electricity hungry devices. So when we commit to "living green" let's also commit to living with compassion and fairness. We must live in fairness to each other as well as the environment.

Dream Act Texas: More ICE Raids in store for Houston. Gestapo raids only create fear rather than offering solutions.

Long Island Wins held an event last week titled "Don't Make Our Mistakes: Lessons from Riverside, New Jersey in the Costs of Attacking Immigrants". Here is a link to video highlights of that event.

Video Highlights from "Don't Make Our Mistakes: Lessons from Riverside, NJ" - What is the long lasting effect of intolerance? In Operation Neighborhood Shield ICE went after "gang members." ICE calls themselves police when knocking on doors which destroys the trust of the actual police in a community. If you've seen images of ICE agents conducting a raid you'll note the only difference between them and a soldier in Iraq is the full black rather than camouflage outfit. I'd also bet the ICE agents have better weapons and armor than our soldiers. Can you imaging opening your front door to find a heavily armed groups at your door?  That makes for a scary image.

Read the Newsday Op-Ed on Our Event Last Week about the above event at Long Island Wins.

Suffolk County Legislature refuses to learn from Riverside, NJ at DMI Blog.

I'm just a bill … hate group style at Migra Matters.

It appears that the "grassroots" efforts that led to the controversial anti-immigrant ordinances in Prince William County Va. weren't so "grassroots after all. Apparently the folks at our favorite hate group, FAIR not only midwifed the legislation through it's birth …they played a crucial role in it's conception.

Letter from Oaxaca: No Place to Go but North at Eristic Ragemail.

Paramilitary associates swept through the streets surrounding Oaxaca's Zócalo. "It was like killing pigs in a slaughterhouse"

ALAS Concert Gives Sanz, Calle 13, Ricky Martin , Shakira y Mas Wings at Vivir Latino.

Hillary Clinton in Eugene, Oregon [MTV Vlog Apr21] at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Daily Headlines: April 22, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

Bush,Calderon Plot Economic and Military Integration at NOLA Summit at Of América.

As I’ve stated here and elsewhere, such “benefits” come complete with plans for intensified militarization to respond to the post-cold war need for new enemies that both legitimate militarism and promote free trade as well as the idea of the state itself.

Clinton (and McCain) Plays the Race Card at Latino Politics Blog.

Media makes citizenship status of Hispanic surname suspects part of the story at Latina Lista.

Visually identifying people as being potentially undocumented falls under racial profiling. So, unlike the military standard — Don't ask, don't tell — anyone suspected of being an immigrant these days is being asked to prove their citizenship.

Why Joe Arpaio must gotta go!!!!!!!!!! The True about the toughest Sheriff at Pro Inmigrant.

The Suffering Faces of the Poor are the Suffering Face of Christ at People Migrate.

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