Driving While Black or Brown: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Watch Know The Truth About Immigrant Detention here at Citizen Orange.  (thanks Janna)

Earth Day: An Ironic Celebration in a Country Intent on Destroying a Fragile Ecosystem to Build a Fence at Latina Lista.

Even more ironic is that on the U.S. government web page for how everyday citizens can get involved with Earth Day, there is a suggestion to join the "Take Pride in America" program.

Driving While Black or Brown - Racial Profiling in Arizona at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.  Arpaio isn't the only Arizona lawman practicing racial profiling.  Read the list of statistics from Arizona detailing this disturbing trend.  Also read The Road to Dystopia! Another Reason to SAY NO to the SAVE ACT!. Don't forget that this terrible act is still looming.

Web site pick: Minutmen Unvarnished at Migra Matters.

Minutemen Unvarnished tracks the activities of the San Diego Minutemen as they harass and threaten day laborers, employers, and Latinos in general, at various locations throughout the region. They video the minutemen in action and present them uncensored in all their racist glory.

Colorado Legislator Refers to Farmworkers as "Illiterate Peasants": No Harm, No Foul? at Immigration Prof Blog. Also The Business of (Immigration) Detention.

Centreville Day Laborers: Their Side of the Story at Immigrants In The USA.

Wellspring had already held five, community meetings about immigration in Centreville so, explained member Alice Foltz, "We thought that, if we were going to talk about them, we should talk with them. These are human beings living among us and we need to care about their health and safety while they’re here."

Arizona Bill Seeks to Ban Race-Based Student Groups at Vivir Latino.

I hope this doesn't get far. In a time when students still face a negative racial climate, and affirmative action is under attack (or has been eliminated) in several states, we need ethnic student groups to help create a welcoming environment for students of color.

On the Pope: Tancredo critical, Castro praising at The Latin Americanist.

GOP Blocks Tribute to Labor Hero Cesar Chavez at Nuestro Voice.

In an outrageous move, Senate Republicans blocked a resolution recognizing Chavez's life and work. They quietly blocked the resolution using parliamentary procedure, and gave no reason for doing so. Their votes implied that a man who Robert F. Kennedy called "one of the most heroic figures of our time" is not worth honoring, even with a symbolic gesture.

Unfortunately, this kind of insensitivity is part of a broader pattern in the Republican Party, a pattern of actions that is at odds with the values that Latinos hold dear. (from AlterNet)

Press Conference Tomorrow Regarding IR1105 at Long Island Wins.

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