Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Manana Marchamos/Tomorrow We March: Immigrant Rights Groups Gearing Up for Mayday Marches at Of América. Please feel free to link to May Day events in the comments section.

Mesa braces for unrest! Mesa Police Chief Pleads for Help from Community Leaders: "Save me from Arpaio!" at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

In the News This Morning, Friday, April 11th at Long Island Wins Blog.

At Dream Act Texas Another DREAMer suffers the consequences of the system:

It's one of those stories that doesn't seem to make a lot sense. A senior at Upper Perkiomen High School faces deportation after living in the United States for the past 12 years. Her family can't believe what's happening.

At Dream Act Texas: The phrase "mass deportations" sounds evil.

ICE has begun it's Operation Secure Communities. What a misnomer, the project is called Secure Communities, but what it really brings is terror.
Also read Here We Go with the Drivers License Issue Again.....

Long Island Wins conducted a study of Riverside, NJ, a community that passed anti-immigrant legislation in 2006 in Don’t Make Our Mistakes: Lessons from Riverside, NJ.

Long Island WINS researched how anti-immigration legislation affected communities after they were passed and went into effect. We found an intriguing example in a small community in New Jersey that had such an ordinance passed in 2006.

Eristic Ragemail sums up the week's posts in Weekly Roundup – April 7th – 11th.

The Border Fence is as ugly as it is terrible. Not only does it seek to separate, but it also will work toward the destruction of a valuable and beautiful ecosystem. Will wildlife need permission to cross the border?

Central Park to Sabal Palms at Smart Borders.

The wall has millions of detractors with very valid reasons, from my students whose heritage and extended family would be affronted by such a wall to outspoken advocates for the endangered species huddling in these last remaining stands of a lost ecosystem.

DMI Blog asks Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?

"Good fences make good neighbors," says the farmer in Robert Frost's famous poem, "The Mending Wall." But by the end of the poem, he is no longer so sure. "Something there is that doesn't love a wall; That wants it down!" writes Frost. Like the fence in Frost's poem, the U.S.'s own fence -- that great big one between the border of the U.S. and Mexico -- isn't doing such a great job of making good neighbors, either. Two new casualties of the fence have been in the news recently.

More on the Border Wall Walk in NAACP Letter of Affirmation at Smart Borders.

Banning pay for undocumented workers is unconstitutional at I am a DREAMer.

Why Isn't Sen. John McCain Responding to Latino Bloggers? at Latina Lista.

Bloggers of the World Unite! at The Latin Americanist.

Many here are well aware of the Absolut Vodka ad which has caused a furvor in the anti-Hispanic community. Read more about it at Para Justicia y Libertad in “Absolut” Madness.

This all began when conservative columnist Michelle Malkin decided to use the ad to whip up anti-Mexican sentiment by dubbing the ad “Absolut Reconquista.” Soon after, the US media outlets noticed the ad. The outrage by the nativist over this ad has caused inspired an anti-immigrantion, FIRE Coalition, to start anti-Absolut website called
What's interesting to note about the Absolutly Not campaign, by the FIRE Coalition, is that they are demanding the Absolut employee who ok'd the ad to be fired. What about free speech and expression? Does Absolut have to answer to anti-migrant groups? This is a liquor company by the way and nobody is obligated to drink.

Resources for Non-Profit Advocates and Providers and Abuse of Guest Workers at Immigration Prof Blog.

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