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Please watch Who Wants to Deport David Beckham? and make sure and send a letter to your representative at Immigrant's List. Did David steal a job from a hard kicking American?

WALLS, WALLS, WALLS at Border Reporter.

Democrat Gabrielle Giffords sent a letter out to the press this afternoon blasting the Homeland Security Department for sneaking in another 100 miles of wall in Arizona without consulting her or anyone else on the project.

Smart Borders: Insider, Outsider - Is that the question?

During the No Border Wall Walk this part March 8-16, thousands of people honked encouragement as we walked 126 miles from Roma to Brownsville.
Also read April is the Cruellest Month…
On this April 1, the United States government opted to bypass more than 30 laws in hopes of rushing construction of a controversial border wall.

I beseech you to contact your Congressmen, since Congress authorized these waivers just today. I beg you to pray with me that Americans will come to their consciences and oppose these waivers. How we react to these waivers and the impending border wall in this cruel month will decide the legacy of our generation and our nation.

When you don't like the law … ignore it at Migra Matters. More on the side-stepping of law by the Bush administration.

Border fence to stop illegal wildlife migrants at Long Island Wins.

Dream Act Texas has Raid today in Torrance, CA and a two parter on the DREAM Act in Politics and the DREAMERS Part I and Politics and the DREAMERS Part II.

“To deny a significant portion of tomorrow’s workforce any higher education opportunities will not only hurt these young people who came to North Carolina through no fault of their own, but it will also significantly diminish their incomes forever. The consequences to North Carolina are reduced tax collections and potential payments for social services and incarceration long into the future.”

University of Wisconsin Student Faces Deportation at the National Immigrant Justice Center.

Loving, Part 2 from La Mariposa En La Pared.

This kind of love is not a feeling; to describe it as a feeling is to make it something fleeting. It's the kind of love you choose, the kind of love that doesn't change, but that changes you forever.

Rhetoric versus Reality at Eristic Ragemail:

Congressional Quarterly reports that the Republican Party is targeting freshman Congressional Democrats on the issue of immigration.

At Hatewatch read Would-Be Cop Killer, Son of Racist Leader, Shot Dead

10 Undocumented Students are attending Harvard… DREAMers tell your story!. Read this letter to the editor: The pot calling the kettle black - Illegal aliens complaining about other Illegal Aliens. I have to agree with this. It's hard to even justify being here given the means in which we secured this land. Our past is cerainly rought with terrible deads. That's why I believe we have to attone for those terrible things and stop continuing the evil cycle of hatred and oppression of others.

Cubans Now Free to Stay in Hotels (Though Not for Free) at Vivir Latino.

Read the poem gold eye in a lavender sky at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Daily Headlines: April 2, 2008 at The Latin Americanist. Admittedly I didn't go through yesterday's April Fool's posts. Maybe I do this too early in the morning. For a fun revisit check them out at "Daily Headlines": April 1, 2008. Lou Dobbs was right...enough said.

Barack Obama Takes Aim At John McCain On Iraq at Nuestra Voice.

Imperial Presidency Strikes Again at Latino Politico.

Where is the outrage from the greater part of the country? So many dangerous precedents have been set by this regime that I've lost count; yet, when it comes to the militarization of the U.S. - Mexico border, the issue is either ignored or applauded.

Taking a Big Step... with Dos Centavos.

The McCain Surge is Failing at Culture Kitchen.

What Goes Around Comes Around at Wild Chihuahuas.

Here in Phoenix, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has so terrorized the immigrant community by targeting Brown people that Hispanic people are afraid to go out. This means, among other things, that sick kids aren't being taken to the doctor's for fear of deportation. When those kids are sick with something contagious and they aren't treated, what do you think happens to their communities? We're all in this together.

Al Lado De Un Gran Lider Estuvo Una Gran Mujer. Dolers C. Huerta at Pro Inmigrant.

Watch The Minutemen at Work! at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Rudy Acuña's New Book: Corridors of Migration (2007) and Drew Carey on Immigration, Assimilation, and Open Borders.

We need you to join us in DC at Immigration Equality. If you're in the area and can attend please make time to do so.

St. Gregory provides more than a home for refugees at Immigrants in the USA Blog.

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