Death In The Shadows: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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ICE Using Unconstitutional and Illegal Means in Raids at Eristic Ragemail.

Congratulations to Dream Act Texas for reaching 25,000 hits on their site. It's truly a good place to get important information and they keep fresh content daily. As I said in a previous post I advise adding them to your RSS feeds to make sure you're always up on the latest posts. Of course you can visit here and see them too. Read 25,000 hits for Dream Act Texas in less than 9 months and learn more about Marie-Theresa, The dream of taking back California, In A Little Bit About Me and Thanking our Readers read about the Dream Act Texas blogger Julita.

Hot Topics on His Panic Blogs.: Working together for a common cause: American Dream and Justice for all at Pro Inmigrant. Find a list of posts from the blogs represented here and let's work together to promote the real dream of America - compassion, justice, unity and civility.

Death in the Shadows at Vivir Latino.

Life for undocumented immigrants in the US is tough. Some cities make it illegal for landlords to rent to you; high school graduates desiring to go to college find an obstacle when it comes to paying for college due to their ineligibility for financial aid; and you might be picked up by ICE while out shopping and get deported.

Gestapo Arpaio Resurrects Operation Wetback Part 2 at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

A Community Garden [Let's Have Nexus 6]at The Unapologetic Mexican.

The world remains an amazing place in so many ways. But it could be such an amazing place for so many more people and more often, if we could agree—or get those who get into the halls of U.S. power to agree—that control and aggression are not the way to anything except reactions of aggression in a sane and relatively healthy human or animal!

At The Latin Americanist: Today’s Video: Los Amigos Invisibles.

Immigration Raids Violated Constitution: Suit at Nuestra Voice.

César Chávez Events In Tucson at Latino Politico.

Guest Voz: Hollywood Filmmaker Examines the Day-Laborer Issue From a New Angle at Latina Lista.

Watch VIDEO: Take a peek at Morgan Spurlock's "Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden?" at Culture Kitchen.

Panama: National Police Chief says gays can serve as law enforcement officers at Blabbeando.

MLK and Westbury and In the News This Morning, Friday, April 4th at The Long Island Wins Blog. Also Immigration 101 Don't Give Me Your Poor.

Detention facility for immigrant kids sued for abuse at Just News.

New Immigration Symposium, Upcoming ILRC Seminars and Webinars, and ILRC to Honor DREAM Students and Eva Grove at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Rare Footage of the Brown Buffalo: Oscar Zeta Acosta.

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