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Breaking News: Chicago Church Receives Word that DHS is Ending Truce with Sanctuary Movement at Latina Lista. Latina Lista has received word that the church housing Flor Crisostomo may be detained by DHS tomorrow. This is sickening news.

May Day for Undocumented Workers at Dream Act Texas.
Marches and Rallies on May Day. Tomorrow, May 1, there will be marches and rallies throughout the country. The marches and meetings will have different objectives - to make the country more aware of the plight of undocumented immigrants ; to protest the raids and inhumane attitude and behavior of ICE; to show support to immigrants.
Also read 10 Deadly Sins of Xenophobia.

2008 Law Reviews and Articles - Immigration at I am a DREAMer.

Immigration marches return with messages aimed at voters at Just News.

Unbelievable! Homeland Security works with Sci-Fi Consultants to Scare LATINOs out of Emergency Rooms! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.
Making or Breaking the Wall at Vivir Latino.
A recently launched website that claims to "represent both sides of the issue equally and will reflect public opinion of the border wall with a virtual representation" scares me.
Obama, Wright and Zombie Politics in Times of Empire at Of América.


The case and testimony of passport and Identity fraud: Ahmed Ressam at Pro Inmigrant.

Fledgling Immigrant activists go to capital hill at People Migrate.

Mexican Congress approves end to criminal penalties for undocumented migrants at Mexico Trucker.

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symesss said:

Thanks for the post. I just now got home from the New York City rally. I was there most of the day, but it officially started around 4pm. We marched downtown to the courthouse. Afterward they held a vigil for Sean Bell.

While we listened to the speakers it didn't seem like so many people, but when the march started I couldn't believe it. It was so amazing to see that many people together in unity and there were many people lined up watching us go by.

I'm going to work on my full post with pictures and possibly some video. There's no doubt there are many great photos and videos to come from everyone.

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