Apply For Citizenship At Your Own Risk: Pro-Migrant Sanctuaryshpere

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This is why we are fighting at Immigration Equality.

We need you to get motivated and take action during our Lobby Week (May, 6, 7, and 8). And just in case you need a reason to fight, here is yet another story that highlights the injustice we are trying to eliminate.

Legal Immigrants, Until They Sought Citizenship at Just News. Just another example of our flawed system. People who are living legally in the United States shouldn't be taking a risk when they decide to apply for citizenship.

A new film addressing the issue of immigration titled The Visitor is out and showing in many cities. From what I can see in the trailer it looks like a wonderful story in which one man discovers the beauty of another's culture and is awakened by their interaction. This is how the world should work - sharing, compassion, and community. Visit “The Visitor” - New Film Takes on Immigration for more at Immigrant's List

Latina Lista talks about the battle between an Arizona mayor and the sheriff who had made immigration enforcement his focus in Guest Voz: AZ Mayor Sees No Justice in One Sheriff's Hunt for Undocumented Immigrants.

One town that Sheriff Arpaio has taken his brand of justice is the Town of Guadalupe. Yet, while most political officials where Sheriff Arpaio has conducted these operations have refrained from challenging the Sheriff, one has not.

The Global Food Crisis Part I at Dream Act Texas.

The Weekender: April 11 to 13 The Latin Americanist.

World Commemorates 4th Anniversary of U.S.-Sponsored Coup in Venezuela at Of América.

Latinos Ask Pope For Help On Immigration Policies at Nuestra Voice.

Hispanic immigrants delivered a letter to the Vatican embassy in D.C. asking Pope Benedict XVI to intercede in “mean-spirited” policies that they say have destroyed thousands of families.

Video Featuring Arivaca Wins Award! at Latino Politico. Read about and watch the wonderful video entered into the Movement Vision Lab's video contest.

TONIGHT AT THE NEW MUSEUM : Election '08: How the Internet is Re-shaping National Politics at Culture Kitchen.

American girl assaulted by Mexicans-NOT! at Long Island Wins blog.

American Humanity focuses on Alan Keyes' views on immigration as Alan gets set to announce his departure from the GOP via a rally in the anti-migrant town of Hazleton, PA.  Alan, along with Ron Paul and a band of PA folks who have staged anti-migrant rallies in PA before will be showing their support for the Constitution party as Alan seeks their nomination for president. Alan Keyes on border control and illegal immigration and Keyes to reveal plans in Hazleton - Standard Speaker

San Francisco Offers Common-Sense Solution in Absence of CIR at the Irish Voices blog.

Kids interview new immigrants at Immigrants in the USA.

Even “Pro” cities are changing at Immigrants and Politics. New Los Angeles policies which may threaten it's hospitality to migrants.

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