Yes We Can!: Pro-Migrant Round-up

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I failed to include Smart Borders in the round-up yesterday and today.  The March 2nd post titled An Exercise in Free Migration is a must read.  I'm sorry I missed this post in the round-up as it falls right in line with the "there is no line" post from Yave. 

Eristic Ragemail speaks on the effects of immigration discussions on elections in Immigration: The Myth of the Third Rail of Politics.

The Unapologetic Mexican gives us a great write-up on the nasty mud slinging that happens within supposed ‘sides’ of a discussion or issue. Truly we should try to work together rather than isolate ourselves behind a bunker of crude labels and put-downs towards everything we don’t agree with. Read Nezua’s post The Giddy and Greasy Gatlin.

A crazed psycho killer clown, a crazed psycho killer writer, a crazed psycho colonel, and an old guy that looks like Jack Nicholson’s grandfather all want Hillary Clinton as our next president – “there is nothing sexier than a woman you have to salute in the morning.” What? See the video over at Vivir Latino.

Multiplicative Identity steams about Margeret P. Jones’ fake biography where she assumes the role of a minority. In Appropriating the Words of Others a Threat to Democracy she tells us that Obama stole his slogan “yes we can!” from Bob the Builder. What else has he stolen? And finally read about Fidel Castro and his having avoided 638 assasination attempts in Us dream of death deferred.

The Latin Americanist gives us the video - The Shining Path.

Professor Zero gives us The Astrology of Barack Obama.

Roberto Lovato of Of America will be speaking at the event: New York Event: Left Out in the Open — The Netroots & Progressive Politics.

 Latina Lista give us The Deciding Force in Texas' Hispanic Vote Rests with Latino Millenials. With An excerpt from "Not Your Madre's Texas Primary" written for Spot-on. Dos Centavos says “Let’s Not Get Doofy”

The border reporter writes on changes to ICE in Arizona in More Musical Chairs in the Immigration Bureaus.

Culture Kitchen gives us Shadow Report: "Indian Reservation Apartheid"

Damn Mexicans provides a link to an old Joel Stein article 500,000 People And No One Called Me plus a link to Joel’s experience having lunch with Tom Tancredo.

Dream Act Texas gives us a few informative posts - Woman to Woman Bashing and Equal Opportunity at the Houston Rodeo.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch blog writes National YAF Leadership Cracks Down On Racist Lecture Series.

American Humanity speaks on NAFTA referencing the previous article from Eristic Ragemail

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claudia said:

Amazing to nuevo blog. Me encantó.

Saludos desde España.

Claudia (la guatemalteca por tres años. Prensa Libre)

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Que gusto Claudia! Su articulo de mi viaje todavia es el mejor. Espero ver mas de tus comentarios aqui en Citizen Orange.

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