Who Steers the Citizen Ship? Pro-migrant Round-up

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SAVE Act update at Migra Matters.

A Win for the PROs! Heinous Blackwater Security Facility will NOT be built in So Cal! at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American.

No Border Wall Walk Day 8 at Smart Borders.

It is this force we have sought to channel this week through a sustained, nonviolent demonstration through communities bracing for the effects of the Secure Fence Act of 2006. As it stands now, the border wall is federal law, and so to counter this legislation, we must begin to change the hearts of the constituents who voted in politicians who would espouse such an atrocity on our southern border. We must positively and nonviolently educate our brothers and sisters here and throughout the United States.

What happens when two sisters start a white supremacist pop group? Extremism Goes Mainstream over at Damn Mexicans.

Drugs wouldn't be a problem if nobody wanted them. Read The American side of the story on the Mexican Drug Cartels? at Dream Act Texas. Americans have to take the blaim for the proliferation of drug trafficking and the terror that goes along with the trade. I imagine most people that use drugs aren't too worried about the lives destroyed in getting them here. Also read Human Rights Violations against Migrants in Mexico.  Also make sure and read What does citizenship mean?.

Check out the posts here the "worst of the worst" ... or just an easy conviction? and Rapid Response Network Hotline - raids resource.  If you're in the NY/NJ area please check out the Rapid Response Network Hotline setup by the NJ May 1 Coalition and get the information out for migrants in these areas.

Read FISA: Big Brother and Big Picture Questions at DMI Blog.

Continuing from Saturday Geraldo theme here's a video from Illegal is Illegal of Geraldo on the view in Geraldo Rivera tore Lou Dobbs on The View.

For a quick funny go to Tiny Cat Pants and find the answer to the question Is there a name for the rule that says folks who want others to know English don’t know it that well themselves? We've all seen and heard the "English only" crowd who are often themselves grammatically challenged. They have a hard time learning one language while they complain about others learning their second one.

A Cartoon No Child Should Be Seeing : Chop Socky Chooks at Vivir Latino.

Happy Birthday Iraq War! (NOT!) at The Unapologetic Mexican. Our invasion of Iraq is truly grotesque. For the war's birthday I hope it will wish for an end. Congratulations to Nezua for his write-up in the The Register Guard. Read more in Nezua Gets Good Ink [Register Guard writeup].

I believe the concert is over, but you may be able to watch clips online. See "Paz Sin Fronteras" concert webcasts! at The Latin Americanist. (A quick Google video search shows some of the concert is there to watch - enjoy!)

In Jeremiah Wright Professor Zero asks what was so offensive about the comments by Obama's pastor.

Are we headed into The Next Great Depression? Para Justicia y Libertad says "wake up!"

GOP Immigration Strategy May Hurt McCain at Nuestro Voice.

Go to Multiplicative Identity and read about this new movie and what Dr. Seuss was writing about in Horton Hears a Who brilliant defense of science.

Matt Ortega writes Albanian Weapons Dump Explosion Kills Five.

Man Eegee is Checking in from NOI Central at Latino Político. See what other sites where represented there.

Read ¡Cuentecitos! over at La Bloga for a link to "an in-depth interview with Adriana Dominguez, an Executive Editor in the children's book division of HarperCollins."

In HoustonRodeo Wants to Kill Tejano?, at Dos Centavos, we find that polling people that don't like Tejano music will generally show a lack of desire for Tejano music.

How a man that cannot even for a moment appear intelligent was elected our president is sad and quite sickening. Of course the fact that people still support him is just mind boggling. In It's STILL the Economy, Stupid Culture Kitchen shows us how blind reassurance won't help our failing economy.

Mexico honors Irish-American Saint Patrick’s Brigade (San Patricios) at Mexico Trucker.

Team Will Track Pr. William's Illegal Immigration Crackdown at Just News.

Hollywood Star Makes Impassioned Plea for Irish at Irish Voices blog.

ALIPAC's William Gheen complains about being labeled a nativist by the Southern Poverty Law Center at American Humanity.

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Will said:

Hey, thanks for this great round-up!

I was wondering if you saw the news items this week about outrageous backlogs and delays at US Immigration and Citizenship Services (see below) and how thousands of would-be citizens won't be able to vote in November.

In light of this news, I thought you'd be interested in my recently-posted *funny* video on YouTube that relates directly to this issue: "Thru the Plexiglass." It would be so great if you could share it with your readers and get more folks to look at it.

Thanks! -Will Coley


Video: "Thru the Plexiglass: Immigration Today"

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