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Focusing on the SAVE Act please visit Dream Act Texas for a Four Part Series on this terrible bill. Saving the U.S. from the S.A.V.E. Act - part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV.

Here's a post on the SAVE Act from Eristic Ragemail as well titled SAVE: A War of Attrition Against the Immigrant Community and its Advocates

Oklahoma Anti immigration bill will cost state 1.8 Billion in revenue (You have to see the image in this post - read it too, of course) and The undesirables in U.S. God bless America.

Economic Impact of Oklahoma´s Restrictionist Immigration Law HB1804 = $1.8 Billion at Immigration Talk With a Mexican America.

SHORTY GUZMAN DEAD? at Border Reporter.

Dream Act Texas has Virginia's Dreamy Robot and Family torn by immigration laws.

Also at Dream Act Texas:

The anti-migrant sentiment seems to be catching on as we see examples of this same activity in the post Over 600 illegal migrants nabbed in northern Africa - in 2008.

Is Vogue Racist For Choosing This LeBron James /Gisele Bundchen Cover? at Vivir Latino.

The Unapologetic Mexican gives us Medium Rare and uncovering the 'hidden' yet important stories. For all of us looking to find news rather than react to it.

At the Latin Americanist watch the video Peru: Fujimori caught napping during trial and Daily Headlines: March 27, 2008.

At Para Justicia y Libertad read the post To Wright a Wrong about the double-standard applied to people of color. Part of Wright's speach was simply a quote from Edward Peck.

Rev. Jerimiah Wright responds to the NY Times at Multiplicative Identity. How 'fiery' is this man?

More on the loss of a major tomato grower in The Rotten Tomatoes of Immigration Politics: Major Penn. Farm Shuts Down at Of América.

Read My Visit With the Dalai Lama at Nuestra Voice.

Latest Poll Underscores Democrats Have Forgotten Where Party Loyalties Should Lie at Latina Lista


Amelia Jones, Body Art and the Body of Knowledge at La Bloga.

Ecuador: A push to eliminate constiutional protections for gays and lesbians at Blabbeando.

Instead of making a mark as an environmentalist, Queirolo has instead come to prominence for her embrace of the country's nascent ultra-conservative Christian Evangelical movement and for championing a few of their interests.

Questions They Won't Ask McBush at Wild Chihuahuas.

[Breaking News] Laredo Trucks Drivers, Others Charged in Massive Human Smuggling Scheme at Mexico Trucker.

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