Time To File Taxes: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Immigrant's List still has not met their goal for letters sent and representatives contacted. Please help STOP THE SAVE ACT!

Thanks to Damn Mexicans for linking to The Feathered Bastard which covers an anti-Arpaio protest in The Battle of Bell Rd., Part Deux: Mayor Phil Gordon blasts Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

At I am a DREAMer Prerna writes I don’t understand the hatred (and yet I have lived with it most of my life.)

All I know is that in my heart, I did nothing wrong. In my day-to-day life, I do nothing wrong. All I am guilty of is love in defiance of a homophobic society and obedience to the people that gave birth to me. And if that is a crime, so be it.

Also read Time to file taxes - Undocumented worker filing taxes to the IRS. - "People without social security numbers, including undocumented immigrants, can file their taxes using an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number)."

Dallas Latino Night Clubs and Restaurants Raided by ICE at Latina Lista. - "A total of 49 undocumented immigrants who worked as security guards were reported arrested."

Migrating to El Norte at La Bloga.

When things go bad, many Americans commonly blame someone else for their problems. Historically, immigrants have been convenient scapegoats: They not only “take away” jobs from “hard-working” American citizens and deplete the country’s resources, the argument goes, they are criminals who have entered this country illegally and must be punished with jail or deportation.

Dream Act Texas gives us the hilarious video On a light note..... where corporate business men and women are picked up from a day laborer site. Also read An open letter to the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times where Marie-Theresa calls out these papers for not reporting on the save act. With congress going back into session it is important to start calling and writing before more signatures are obtained. In PWC Virginia Police Chief makes his own decisions about meeting with Mexican Consul we learn that "The police chief of Prince William County Virginia has let everyone know that he is not in agreement with the virulent anti-immigrationists in his county.".

The Invaders Press On, on our invasion of Iraq, at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Who will speak for the students? and A Jaguarundi Sighting… at Smart Borders.

Daily Headlines: March 31, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

McCain Faces Uphill Battle For Hispanic Vote at Nuestra Voice.

Here's a collective of the Texas Progressive Blogosphere at Dos Centavos in El Rondop: TPA Round-Up.

U.S. IMMIGRATION POLICY IN A CLIMATE OF FEAR Symposium at the University of Cincinnati and Rhode Island Governor Acts Against Immigrants at Immigration Prof Blog.

At Culture Kitchen, read John McCain, Indian Agent.

The ACSA challenges Senator McCain on his legislative history of Human Rights Violations: "a Skeleton in his closet: UNFIT to hold public office!
Also read Nuking Iran - "I have no doubt that the Republicans want to attack Iran. They have been trying to build their fake case for months."

At Working Immigrants: H-1B year to begin again April 1 - "..and with it another round of frenzied applications for 65,000 slots, which are typically oversubscribed in the first day or two after April 1."

In Black people vs. minutemen and uncle toms Pro Inmigrant - "African American do not have a space for bigotry. They do not want the Minuteman in their Communitty."

Christianity and Immigration at People Migrate

During periods of rapid change and economic uncertainty, it is often the vulnerable and marginalized people who are blamed for the misfortune that everyone else experiences or expects to experience. Today a significant amount of attention and blame for a perceived threat to the American way of life is being directed at immigrants.

Long Island WINS Presents "Don't Make Our Mistakes: Lessons from Riverside, NJ in the costs of attacking immigrants" at Long Island Wins. Please attend if you are in the area and are able.

Obama's speech parallels experiences of mixed-race Americans and Border Death Backstory at Just News.

Coast to Coast Criticism of Bertie Comments in US at Irish Voices. - "Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has sparked a storm of coast-to-coast criticism in the US after his comments last week over the undocumented Irish."

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