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The Unapologetic Mexican gives us some wonderful posts. In Your Papers, Fraulein we have the first successful use of the Rapid Response Network.

We have also learned that in some cases ICE agents are hanging out on corners and challenging people to show their papers on the street. In cases like this, the Rapid Response teams would be very useful and we need to start setting them up in the most affected communities.
Also watch the video Vigil (to End the War) - [MTV Vid 3-25-08].

Here's a link to the Citizen Orange post that gives information about the May 1st Coalition's Rapid Reponse Network. This post was given to us by yave.

Latino Politico writes "Wetback" Making A Comeback.

There are some words that have rightly been banished out of the lexicon of everyday conversation. They are loaded with hate, xenophobia and ignorance. Those who choose to use them are quite aware of their volatility, but have seen an opening lately to allow their bigoted views to be trotted out.

Another great post from Eristic Ragemail on the SAVE Act in SAVE: A War of Attrition Against the Immigrant Community and its Advocates

The Act is the product of the same Nativist mindset which gave us the 2005 Real ID Act. From almost every perspective, the 2005 Real ID Act is tremendous breach on what we have come to call civil liberties.

In Another Wonkette Post.... Damn Mexicans gives us a link to comments by Dobbs on Richardson's endorsement of Obama along with a Fox News beard report. I may be missing something, but I don't see how a full beard equals a "Hispanic" look.

Immigration Reform Legislation Costing Oklahoma Reduction in Gross State Product at Latina Lista.

From Dream Act Texas - Discharge Petition on HB 4088 - Check the list of those who have signed to see if your representative is on it. If you in our around Houston please attend the Respect for Immigrants -March and Rally in Houston. Finally, another ICE raid occurred yesterday. Read ICE Raid in Manassas Area to find out more.

One Raid at a Time: How Immigrant Crackdowns Build the National Security State at Of América.

NOTE: This piece, which originally appeared in Public Eye, is, in my opinion, one of the 2 most important things I’ll write this year.

Tuition Protests in MD at Generation 1.5.

Hatewatch blog gives us Neo-Nazi Informant Suggests Candidates Should Die.

A few days ago, Turner wrote on his website that John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were all “traitors.” “If you think real Patriots like me are going to sit idly by while you turn our country over to such people, you are sadly mistaken. … Think I’m kidding? My audience includes the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, skinheads and Nazis. … The deadly serious kind.”

Say Good-Bye to Tomatoes! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. Score for the nativists! Who wants tomatoes anyway?

In the Voice of Immigrant Women : They Wanted to Take Away My Baby at Vivir Latino.

At The Latin Americanist - Today’s Video: “One-hit Wonders” - Morris Albert.


In familial relations, Latinos starting to resemble blacks at Latino Politics Blog.

Stop Fighting! Play Nice! over at Dos Centavos.

Pe Sla in Black Hills to be "Sea of Houses" and Israel/Palestine: Developments we need to see more of at Culture Kitchen.

TX city accused of enforcing halted ordinance at Just News.

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