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Smart Borders - La Frontera or My Students as Teachers.

The main reason I am against any sort of border wall is because my students deserve better than a border wall. Because they have taught me the plight of the immigrant in this country, I will campaign with the rest of my life for real immigration reform rather than symbols of evil like a border wall.

Nativist Republican Candidate Jim Oberweis’ Loses in Safe Republican Seat at Eristic Ragemail explores the further loses in the nativist camps.

Hot Topics on His Panic Blogs. - Working together for a common cause: American Dream at Pro Inmigrant.

More positive evidence - Immigrant neighborhoods have less crime! at Latino Politics Blog.

Watch the informative video The Schuler- Tancredo Bill and read English Only on School Buses at Damn Mexicans blog.  We're also reminded to contact our representatives to stop the SAVE Act.

Obama's Speech on Race Underscores Generational Division of Voters at Latina Lista.

Today was a historical day in Barack Obama's run for the Democratic presidential nomination and for the country as a whole. For the first time, a presidential candidate delivered a speech on the racial divide of this country from a PERSONAL perspective. Not as someone who watches it from the sidelines but who has lived it.

Read more commentary on Obama's speech at Blabbeando.

Obama's speech has motivated many posts. Seriously, make this man president at One Step Closer.

Obama's Speech on Race in America at Migra Matters. - "This union may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected."

Professor Zero writes on Obama's speech in Presidential - "One of the things the Obama speech does well is to stand up to bullying mischaracterizations without falling into the traps of counterattack and defense."

Barack Obama's Address on Race, From The Bookshelves: Keeping Out the Other and Immigrant of the Day: Anita Pallenberg (Italy)at Immigration Prof Blog.

A Saint For Migrants at Dream Act Texas.

Immigration 101 Family Based Immigration, Immigration 101 Family Based Immigration Part II So What Makes Up A Family and St. Patrick was an immigrant at Long Island Wins.

At Southern Poverty Law Centers Hatewatch blog read In Canada, a Resurrection is Scheduled for an Angry God.

Venezuela Wins Suit Against Exxon at Vivir Latino.

Horses in the Klieglight and Bush Derangement Syndrome Survivor - a little rhyme on the sickness that is Bush at The Unapologetic Mexican.

A super hero for migrants? Nativists beware! “Super Mojado” takes the ring for immigrants at The Latin Americanist.

A write-up on the ICED game in ICED: Walking In Their Shoes over at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Of América asks Obama’s Success: A Symbol to End Affirmative Action? -

Today’s Boston Globe had a good piece on how the right is using Obama’s success to illustrate the success and, hence, the obsolescence of Affirmative Action.

Walkouts: 40 Years Later, Not Much Has Changed, Students Say at Nuestro Voice.

Jeremiah Wright: Am I Shocked? at Dos Centavos.

Diane Benson for Congress: It's the WAR, Stupid! at Culture Kitchen.

Just News link to the article ACLU sues Fla county over low minority graduation rates.

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