Stop The Save Act!: Pro-Migrant Round-up

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When it comes to faxing, calling, and emailing government representatives the anti-migrant crowd is loud, proud, and vehement. Check in at Immigrant’s List to make sure we make our voices heard to stop the Save Act. Let’s save migrants from this terrible bill which puts tremendous faith in our government’s ability to correctly maintain a database. (Is this the same government that issued visas to deceased terrorists whose names where all over the news?)

Dream Act Texas speaks about Hillary's 'scare' ads in relation to the same tactics used by Bush and welcomes the movie Under the Same Moon to Houston. This movie is about a migrant mother working in the U.S. to provide a better life for her son and his journey to reunited with her after his grandmother dies in Mexico. Also Bill Clinton will be in Houston to Rally for Hillary. Per Dick Gregory's suggestion I hope he won't be taking on any false or assumed personas.

Don't Just Dream for the Dream Act outlines a Dream Act for California that requires no increase in budget.

It's 3am and Culture Kitchen has answered the phone on Hillary's ridiculous fear ad. The ad shows us that Hillary answers the phone, but stops just short of the confrontation when the unidentified man finds her in his house. Today they ask "Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?" and give us a little insight into Ralph Nader.

If the anti-migrant movement is the Titanic I guess their captain should have known an iceberg was up ahead. More implosion of this vile movement reported at Pro Inmigrant. Everyone supporting migrants and opposing hate deserves a big round of applause. I only hope those that got in the life rafts won't go looking for a whaling boat to save them.

Daniel Valdez is an inspirational figure and is featured over at La Bloga.

Latina Lista welcomes Cecilia Muñoz, from the National Council of La Raza, who talks about the racial hatred that has taken place across the country.

I see more and more blogs here focused on Obama as the right choice for president. He's certainly got a lot to live up to if he's elected, but until then enjoy the video, featuring many celebrities from all walks of life, giving him support over at Latino Politico. Man Eegee also gives us more information on the murder trial of Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Corbett.

Showing how much the pro-migrant community cares Latino Pundit tries to help Bush in his future endeavors. How many 'angels' will he have in the future? Good luck George!

A beautiful poem by Alisa is the latest post over at Multiplicative Identity. Yesterday's post features two handsome black stick figures which illustrate the work ethic of "2 White Guys Yard Service" - further evidence of the anti-migrant insanity. Plus a video from Robert Greenwald featuring McCain hits including "Bomb Iran" and "100 Years".

Los Anterciopelados, Neil Bush, of the Texas Bush clan, speaking at a leadership seminar in Paraguay, tabacco endangering "third world" women (please don't smoke - we need you healthy) while countries are pushing to ban smoking and Argentina is under water. Visit The Latin Americanist for more.

Just for fun the Unapolgetic Mexican links to some old Nintendo games you can play in your web browser. (from Wednesday's posts)

Vivir Latino reports that Hugo Chávez helped secure release for 6 hostages from the FARC in Colombia, but they're still holding on to Betancourt who is in grave need of medical attention.

T. Don Hutto blog references a New York article on the detention center. If you haven't seen the video America's Family Prison over at Google Video stop by and leave a comment.

One Step Closer asks us to check out the book Lost Children describing the tragic events leading up to an Iranian couple being put in the T Don Hutto facility. And what do you know - this blogger, laurafern, says she just discovered the T. Don Hutto blog mentioned above. If you're looking for a good list of pro-migrant blogs there's one to the right of this post. In an earlier Friday post One Step Closer also takes a look at the report titled “Crime, Corrections and California: What does immigration have to do with it? and finds it’s not a whole lot.

Migra Matter’s Thursday post, Time For a Reality Check details the success of the pro-migrant movement while giving us all a bucket of cold water over the head. While the anti-immigrant stance is losing ground in campaigning politicians those in office see no problem passing anti-migrant legislation. Are we fooling ourselves regarding the U.S. public or are these politicians refusing to listen to what the people are saying?

Damn Mexicans points out hypocrisy in Utah where it’s ok to break the law concerning polygamy, but if you’re undocumented then you’re trouble.  Today the focus is on John McCain as a "Dreamer" and the story of of siblings Julia and Gustavo, one undocumented and one legal.

Immigration Prof blog speaks on the terrible possibility that Democrats will get tough on immigration, they also give us a note on the border fence, link to a document created by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network titled A More Perfect Union – A National Citizenship Plan and nominate Jacqueline Rebecca Louise de Rothschild as immigrant of the day.

American Humanity links to a Washington Post article titled "Immigration Coverage In the Crossfire" where readers complain there are too many 'feel good' stories about migrants. Bleghh! I know what they mean. We also find that Roy Beck's calculator needs new batteries.

Smart Borders shows us the fun of the Charro Days festival down in la frontera.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to provide these round-ups. If there's anything I can do better please let me know. Because everyone posts new articles at different times it's hard to stay 'up to the minute' on everyone's posts, but I'll do my best.  Thanks for all your hard work and the many wonderful posts.  - symsess (American Humanity)

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kyledeb said:

I'm glad you covered the SAVE Act in this pro-migrant round-up symsess. You've been doing a great job with these, but it is of utmost importance that we stop this SAVE Act from going through. I hate being on the defensive the entire time, but that's what we're reduced to now.

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