Why Listen To the Voters?: Pro-migrant Round-up

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While we were sleeping from Dream Act Texas

This came up by way of AP- I knew about it, but had not taken it as seriously as I should have. Apparently the GOP hasn’t learned that this type of anti-immigrant baiting will cause them very serious problems at the polls.

At the same time, it just shows that we can’t stop watching for a minute. The GOP is trying to pass something that could be even worse than was presented before…

Read Getting Immigration Very, Very Wrong at DMI Blog.

Here at Citizen Orange read Yave's post Enforcement Through Attrition: A Success Story and Kyle's post U.S. Deportations Resulting in Better Organized Gangs.

Day 4: Having Hope from Smart Borders.

Students Lobby in D,C. for DREAM Act at Generation 1.5.

DREAM Act Banners from I am a DREAMer blog. Grab one and put it on your site.

If Only We Had Some Kind of Institution that Allowed Us to Force Non-White People to Work for Us for Free… at Tiny Cat Pants.

Oklahoma lawmaker Sally Kern believes gays are more of a threat than terrorists in Oklahoma Pol: Gays “Biggest Threat Our Nation Has” over at SPLC’s Hatewatch Blog. Personally I don’t think either are a threat. The real threat is fear mongering and hate breeding that’s going on in the immigration debate. When Frank Jorge, a prominent voice in this movement, calls for the assasination of politicians and civil war you know you’ve got something to worry about. (link here)

Read Daily Headlines: March 12, 2008 over at The Latin Americanist.

Hate Crimes Against Latinos Up over at Vivir Latino.

In TN Lawmakers Consider the Most Cruel Form Yet of Penalizing Undocumented Immigrants Latina Lista writes on the push to make accepting pay a crime for undocumented migrants. This law would then allow the state to take their money from them. Very nice.

The Unapologetic Mexican writes about Ferraro’s attack on Obama in stating he wouldn’t be where he is if he were white in Lucky Boy.

Latino Politics Blog writes on this same story in Geraldine Ferraro - Gee, I wonder how she would have felt about a Latino front runner….

Man EegeeLatino Politico also responds to this in When Dog Whistles Become Sirens.

Professor Zero gives us Obama in a cowboy hat in On Hats.

Of America writes New York Times On Black-Latino Voting Rift: Not “backed up by a lot of data”.

Nuestro Voice writes Hillary Snags Latino Base.

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