Reshaping the Debate: Pro-Migrant Round-up

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Wow! Prerna has a new look and gives us some great topics to ponder: (1) Discourse and power: reshaping the argument and reclaiming the language. (2) Likening anti-immigrant hysteria to McCarthyism. (3)’Sanctuary Cities’ as a form of modern ‘underground railroad’. This is a great post and should be visited by all.

La Bloga gives us Sneak peek: Latinos in Lotusland reading this Wednesday, March 5th at Cal State L.A.!

Wild Chihuahuas speaks on Latino immigration issues in her state and the mission to take down the middle-class.

Why the anti-immigrant crowd (and those sadly following their rhetoric) feel that yelling, screaming and cursing will bring about any positive change escapes me. Over at People Migrate there is a link to an article titled “Guest opinion: If you're a foe of illegal immigration, at least knock off the hateful speech.”

Mexico Trucker says No to a border wall in Laredo - It will not help. Personally I think we should put a wall up on all of our borders then add a nice ceiling to the structure. The U.S. will be like a nice big cozy house – or a prison.

Long Island Wins links to an interesting article titled Voters turn back on immigrant bashers. I’ve seen this to be true which is why I can’t figure out what’s going on with the government officials already in office that keep proposing anti-migrant legislation such as the SAVE Act. Who are ‘they’ listening to?

ImmigrationProf Blog links back to Yave’s article here at Citizen Orange asking “where is the line?” – referring to the “line” that politicians refer to when they say current migrants will be allowed in the U.S. after a “fine” and waiting in “line”. Plus the posts “Immigrant of the Day: Lam Ho (Viet Nam)” and “Persons of Japanese Ancestry in Mexico During WWII”.

An economic recession is causing schools to close in Michigan so Immigration Talk With a Mexican American asks “But Wait, Isn´t This What the ANTIs are Asking For? .”

The Lucha Program gives students a chance. Read more at Immigrants in the USA blog.

Dream Act Texas’ latest post is (Bill and Chelsea) Clinton at Mason Park in Houston. Read more about Clinton’s vie for the Hispanic vote in the Lone Star State.

Damn Mexicans links to the trailer for Under the Same Moon which received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival. This looks like a great movie. Hopefully this moving story will help the pro-migrant cause push forward and, per Prerna’s topics, allow us to shift the discussion over to a more positive place.

We need voters so it’s good to see the article over at Nuestra Voice titled Young Latino Voters On The Rise.

American Humanity links to a New American Media article detailing the consequences of local governments anti-immigrant laws. Can we provide the “counter story” that will drive this debate away from constantly having to fight anti-migrant sentiment?

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